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Glowing eyes of doom.

So one of the things I've been doing recently is trying to convert various anime characters to the HERO System, which has a reputation for extreme customizability. The upside is that you can make anything you want; the downside is that you can make anything you want.

How the system works is that it has a number of actual power effects, and then we tack on all sorts of variations and modifiers to it, then we add in what the power actually is. For example, any ranged attack which isn't a bullet or something obviously designed to kill is an Energy Blast. (Those which are designed to kill or injure are Ranged Killing Attacks.) It can be an actual blast of energy, it can be fire, or ice, or rubber bullets, it's all Energy Blast. The specifics are pasted(e on yay) onto the basic Energy Blast, which gives the HERO System the customizability so vaunted.

It also gives the HERO System the Deep Complexity so very much complained about. You will need a calculator for this, as well as several pages of notes on what your newly-designed power does, in great detail, along with how it interacts with other powers. The GM will need to be highly intelligent, level-headed, and quite possibly psychic, both telepathically and precognitively. For the rulebooks themselves place an enormous onus on the GM to veto, ex cathedra, any creative use of the rules which appear to be done for the sole purpose of munchkinning, while simultaneously allowing the very same thing if wielded responsibly by the hands of a dedicated roleplayer.

It is a narrow, some might add microscopically so, line to tread. With great power, etc.

My most recent attempt at converting a known fictional character to the HERO System involved the infamous Nanoha Takamichi of the titular Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha trilogy of anime, a lady who has had her unofficial nickname (not worksafe, since it's Danbooru) apply as fittingly as a well-worn glove (+5 Enhancement). Those unfamiliar with the character in question have questioned my need for a 600 Active Point Starlight Breaker, since surely no character would have such a powerful attack, would they?

Little do they know.

I've already given up on statting Lina Inverse, because I'm not sure what kind of damage is needed to level a mountain. Which, if I remember my Slayers correctly, Lina did. Twice.

Finally, yes, I know that I haven't had a Card Captor Sakura episode summary for some time. Let's just say that the more people nag at me to do one, the less motivation I have. Whenever I read a "why aren't you working on a CCS episode summary?" comment, my desire to actually do so drops to about zero.

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