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And I had, in hindsight, somewhat irresponsible and unreliable faith in the ability of anti-virus Trojan removal not to completely screw up Windows.

As of this moment, as I am posting on a library computer (which explains the lack of an illustrative header picture), I have what is essentially an expensive doorstop that was once a personal computer. As far as I believe, the data is still intact, but gated by an operating system clamouring for missing DLLs and refusing to boot up further.

I cannot even use a Linux liveboot CD to transfer my files, since apparently there is that odd but insurmountable difference between NTFS and FAT file systems.

In effect, I will not be able to update this blog, or my Livejournal (which this post shall be crossposted to, assuming that doesn't go wrong as well), until I get the computer fixed. The hardware is all fine, but that is small comfort if I cannot recover all my files, collected over the years.

Any advice on the matter will likely go unread, as I cannot check my email or comments either, at least not in time. All my efforts shall be bent towards reviving my computer, and I shall not rest until it is once again functional.

This is one reason why, despite my habit of naming my computers (and peripherals), I do not christen them with names of characters I really like. This is a policy borne from experience, considering that I seem to have a schedule of something catastrophic happening to my computer(s) more or less annually.

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