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Let's Go Fever Time~

Unless one is going for something Darker and Edgier, magical girls, by their very nature, have to exist in a sort of simplified version of Real Life, where Improbable Aiming Skills are de rigeur, and indeed on the lower end of the power spectrum. It is a world where teenage (and younger) girls can go up against trained killers and win, possibly because trained killers are usually not as dangerous as the Monster Of The Week, or at least as dangerous as the Monster Of The Week could be if it hadn't been nerfed.

It is also, apparently, a world where a single stolen book is transported in a briefcase, which is then placed into a large reinforced crate, which is in turn placed into a large shipping container. Which took a great deal more time and effort to move than simply carrying the briefcase. So it goes.

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel, apart from having a distinctly redundant title, has Yukari Tamura and Mamiko Noto in the lead roles, as Extroverted Twintail Haruka Minnazuki and Introverted Meganekko (who, unfortunately, loses her glasses when in Magical Girl mode) Aoi Kannazuki respectively, complete with all the associated character tropes thereof. It is classic, not in the sense of being able to survive through the ages, but more due to its whole-hearted embrace of the Standard Magical Girl Tropes, complete with helium-voiced super-bouncy ave;new ending theme. (Which is certainly keeping with the theme).

Hopefully the second episode (of two; this is an OAV) deals with the distinctly Downer Ending cliffhanger, mostly because a magical girl team comprised of Yukari Tamura and Mamiko Noto is, in this blog's vernacular, hanyaa~n.

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Hazumi and Hime contemplate their relationship with Takumi.

Anime News Network gives Combustible Campus Guardress a vintage of "1993 to 1994", which makes me feel a bit old. Not very old, since I wasn't even a teen back then (close, though), but old enough to know what they're talking about when they mention a pokeberu. The last time I watched this anime was about four and a half years ago, and apparently I don't have any new insights from the intervening years of anime obsession.

Hazumi "Queen of Friendly Fire" Jinno seems cut from the same cloth as Slayers's Lina Inverse, Goddess of Collateral Damage. I'm not sure what it is about non-angsty, relatively well-adjusted girls with stupid amounts of firepower that intrigues me so, but judging from the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha fandom, I'm not alone.

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