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The SOS Brigade in the Wild West.

While Real Life takes over most of my, well, life, I have attempted to alter the flow of feng shui around my destiny by choosing a new desktop image. One wonders if this will have the same effect as mere rearrangement of furniture.

Yes, I am superstitious. I used to scoff at such things, but then I started playing Dungeons and Dragons, and from there assorted other tabletop roleplaying games. These all have one thing in common, also shared with certain Las Vegas activities, in that fortunes may turn upon the next roll of the dice.

Desktop wallpapers (or backgrounds, or whatever you want to call them) are a particularly specific category of images. Firstly, they must be of a certain size, or at least a certain aspect ratio, and have to look at least somewhat decent when stretched to fit. Secondly, they should preferably not be too busy, with gaudy colours and attention-grabbing shades in nigh-random locales, because it's supposed to be a background, rather than the main feature.

And personally, I make it a point not to have anything too embarrassing. I'm well-known among my friends and family as an anime obsessive of the species Creepius Fanboius, so having something anime-related is a given, but occasionally little children come to visit and wish to check their Facebook or something, and pantyshots may not be appropriate.

All this is probably far too much thought to put into something that I only see when I start up and shut down my computer anyway. So it goes.

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