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I will dispense with the uncomfortable delaying tactics often used when one is about to say something unwelcome, save for the perhaps rather obvious build up to what might be interpreted as a desperate plea for mercy upon my somewhat suspiciously sincere person, and say that this episode summary will not be up to the usual standards of the former ones, and admit with all celerity that this is entirely my fault for not actually having anything to say about this episode.

I could give a variety of excuses for this. For one thing, there is a distressing lack of Tomoyo, and thus I am unable to dole out the CHECK!Points as freely as I used to, since we cannot bask in the presence of Our Slightly Creepy Goddess if she is not there to bask in. Also, no Clow Cards are captured in this episode, to the great disappointment of any wannabe mentions of the violations of physics as enacted by the MAGIC of the Clow Card du jour.

Instead, episode 16 of Card Captor Sakura, "Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories", deals with nothing much in particular in terms of action or character development, choosing instead to focus on a certain aspect of character backstory. It's a quiet, touching little episode, the perfect way to relax after a long day in the Real World.

But there's very little to say about it.

And so I must ask for the indulgence of any and all readers to bear with me until we get to an episode where I can once again release my full, if still rather meagre, capabilities of commentary, without feeling guilty about making fun of something which the series treats with respect, or descending too far into the depths of 4chan-induced memetic parody.

Mind you, before I can do that, I do need to figure out where the rest of my DVDs went. I know where they are in theory, but they're all messed up in order, thanks to a hasty job trying to rearrange my bookshelves into some ironic semblance oforder. The books and DVDs are already three deep; I think I need more shelves.

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