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Akazukin Chacha's three classmates.

I have mentioned before that I've been trying to create various magical girl concepts, if not actual established characters, in the HERO System. Since I've had the point hammered into me with great force that I shouldn't try to stat existing characters without compromising their stated abilities, I've been trying to create my own original magical girls from scratch.

Now, I could turn this into a series of posts about What Makes A Mahou Shoujo, but I'm not sure anyone really wants to read endless ramblings about the Creative Process, which is largely ugly, incoherent, and should not be seen by the light of day. Instead, I'll just shine a narrow beam of illumination onto one aspect which struck me as blog fodder.

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Glowing eyes of doom.

So one of the things I've been doing recently is trying to convert various anime characters to the HERO System, which has a reputation for extreme customizability. The upside is that you can make anything you want; the downside is that you can make anything you want.

How the system works is that it has a number of actual power effects, and then we tack on all sorts of variations and modifiers to it, then we add in what the power actually is. For example, any ranged attack which isn't a bullet or something obviously designed to kill is an Energy Blast. (Those which are designed to kill or injure are Ranged Killing Attacks.) It can be an actual blast of energy, it can be fire, or ice, or rubber bullets, it's all Energy Blast. The specifics are pasted(e on yay) onto the basic Energy Blast, which gives the HERO System the customizability so vaunted.

It also gives the HERO System the Deep Complexity so very much complained about. You will need a calculator for this, as well as several pages of notes on what your newly-designed power does, in great detail, along with how it interacts with other powers. The GM will need to be highly intelligent, level-headed, and quite possibly psychic, both telepathically and precognitively. For the rulebooks themselves place an enormous onus on the GM to veto, ex cathedra, any creative use of the rules which appear to be done for the sole purpose of munchkinning, while simultaneously allowing the very same thing if wielded responsibly by the hands of a dedicated roleplayer.

It is a narrow, some might add microscopically so, line to tread. With great power, etc.

My most recent attempt at converting a known fictional character to the HERO System involved the infamous Nanoha Takamichi of the titular Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha trilogy of anime, a lady who has had her unofficial nickname (not worksafe, since it's Danbooru) apply as fittingly as a well-worn glove (+5 Enhancement). Those unfamiliar with the character in question have questioned my need for a 600 Active Point Starlight Breaker, since surely no character would have such a powerful attack, would they?

Little do they know.

I've already given up on statting Lina Inverse, because I'm not sure what kind of damage is needed to level a mountain. Which, if I remember my Slayers correctly, Lina did. Twice.

Finally, yes, I know that I haven't had a Card Captor Sakura episode summary for some time. Let's just say that the more people nag at me to do one, the less motivation I have. Whenever I read a "why aren't you working on a CCS episode summary?" comment, my desire to actually do so drops to about zero.

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I don't know who translated this, sorry.

There's no real reason why I picked this random manga scan. Well, not so random, since I like Negima, I find Sayo pretty cute, and I am quite fascinated by the ability to spin pens (possibly since seeing Momiji Ookura in action, so to speak, in the manga version of Prism Palette). Nevertheless, this is Random in the sense that I found this page posted somewhere for no apparent reason, bereft of its fellow chapter pages, and I have no other Random images handy to go with this off-topic post. Needless to say, I shall be buying the volume whenever Del Rey sees fit to release it in English, as I have done for the seventeen volumes of Negima thus far.

Crunch time over in the set of dimensions known collectively as Real Life means that I've been taking what amounts to an enforced break from anime, and indeed all leisure activities. As of this writing, I can see the as yet unopened cases containing the long-sought Playstation 2 game discs of Okami and Final Fantasy XII. The temptation is strong, but I shall resist.

I had expected some sort of withdrawal symptoms, but oddly enough, with a bit of mental jiggling, I can transition to a veneer of Normality with a minimum of fuss, provided I am allowed to keep a small but significant amount of brain runtime to thinking about anime. Not any anime in specific, but just anime in general; tropes, concepts, and example images. The merest thought of an original character in full meganekko mode can settle my mind into hanyaa~n mode, which I seem to be able to do a good job of bottling up inside, seeing as nobody has been creeped out by my vapid expression as of yet.

At least the weekend is near, and with it some vague respite. Although judging from the pile of backlogged Obligations I have to other hobby interests, mostly in the prose-writing field, it might be a while before I can come up with anything substantial for this blog. Not, of course, that anyone might have expected differently.

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How to have Dawn-hair.

I wonder if it says something about me that the only reason I'm playing Pokemon Diamond at all is because I think Dawn (or Hikari, if you want the Japanese name) is very, very cute.

It's the hat, I think. I don't know what she's like in the actual anime, being that I don't have a source for it, but just looking at the fanart makes her seem so adorable.

Of course, I tend to treat games as a significant collection of plot and dialogue interspersed with irritating but sadly unavoidable gameplay, so this is not unusual. I suppose what I'm really looking for when I buy a game is an interactive CG movie, preferably anime-style with cute girls.

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Colour illustration from volume 8.

Fanfiction is one of those things which are forevermore shrouded in controversy, at least among fandoms. The arguments for and against are endless, and I don't really want to have to deal with them right now, so we'll just all agree to disagree, or perhaps agree to agree, as the case may be. I'm very agreeable at the moment, largely because agreeing with stuff might make them go away and stop bothering my and my headache.

However, I've noticed that there's at least a significant contingent of people for whom fanfiction is not the Spawn of Slaanesh, and yet it holds no particular attraction of any sort. One of the most common refrains heard is: "I haven't read any fanfics I liked."

Cue the inevitable deluge of fanfic recommendations, of which this post is one. So it goes.

Trying to recommend fanfics to another person is extremely difficult, if only because due to its nature as entertainment, it is subject to personal opinions and tastes, which are, well, personal. Just because I like the idea of, say, crossing over Card Captor Sakura and Star Wars doesn't mean that anyone else would, and it is in these tiny details which readers are converted or cast away.

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New Year's Greetings from the SOS Brigade.

And so, on the last day of the year Two Thousand And Seven of our lord and saviour Sephiroth the Pretty Kefka the Disturbing, I have once again engaged in Deep Dental Diving and ingested my daily dose of painkillers, hopefully for the last time, if only because I have a limited supply of brain cells teeth.

Being that I am mentally unsound to provide a post of actual value, I shall instead provide you with one picture from what I believe to be Comp H's 2007 calendar, one year late.

If it helps, imagine the female three-fifths of the SOS Brigade giving the year a send-off, instead of welcoming it in.

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More quickly than any other test subject on record.

Occasionally I wonder if some of the references I toss out here and there in my loquacity is too byzantine for the casual reader to truly connect to, in the manner of one speaking in tongues as yet unknown to the rest of the civilized world. I cannot even claim the defense of Pop Culture, since it is such a miniscule and mildly eccentric corner of aforesaid Popular Culture which may not fit the definition of Popular, much less being Cultured. It is the corner occupied by the sort of person who is far more interested than is psychologically sound in the little details of a given setting or lore, even if he completely misses the point of the story in question.

It may well be the case that the only person who gets all of my references is myself, since it is not a given that the various interests and fandoms being alluded to will overlap with the average reader's experiences. I try to explain these as best as I can without spoiling the joke, mainly by linking to the Wikipedia article or some such. For some, like the more esoteric discussions about my MMORPG of choice, I reword and rephrase until the sentence is structured to my satisfaction, for the balance of impact and understanding. For others, like a mention of some game mechanic in a Final Fantasy game, I just leave it as it is, since such things are ubiquitous, even if one does not personally partake of the fandom in question (for example, I do not even like the Harry Potter books, but I do recognize a fair number of references from it), and it is an educated guess that a reader is likely to recognize that offhand comment about One-Winged Angels accompanied by Ominous Foreign (generally Latin, being Foreign to everyone still reading it, effectively a dead language) Chanting.

And yet sometimes, explaining the joke in any way would ruin it, which is why I doubt anyone not already in the know can truly comprehend the amusement I obtain from the confluence of Portal and Eddie Izzard.

Therefore (using this convenient segue), like the events in the Enrichment Centre, further passageways and links are made in these labyrinthine Walls Of Text and the reader is led through logic-defying apertures and might very well end up upside-down or inside-out or whatever orientation is the most inconvenient for figuring out where one needs to go next. The best way to deal with times like these, I find, is to jump right in, after quicksaving.

The analogy could use some work, I admit.

On a side note (pun unintended), thanks to what may possibly be overuse of the theme, or perhaps simply a leitmotif for a character with much screentime, I cannot quite think of Kotomi without hearing "Etude pour les petites" (literally, "Etude for children") in my head. For those wondering, it's that chamber music-style melody which plays whenever Kotomi appears, and probably a few other occasions.

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