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The fourth DVD of Card Captor Sakura, entitled "Sakura Fight!" in what is possibly a clever way of referencing both the episode containing Sakura's and Kero's flare-up as well as a generic encouragement often heard in anime, contains the following text as a blurb:

Sakura challenges the Power Card to a game of tug-o-war, but thanks to Li, the game could be over in no time! Then, Sakura goes to see her brother in a peculiar version of Cinderella that is brought to a crashing halt by the Mist Card. What will Toya do? Next, after a fight with Sakura, Kero runs away and accidentally befriends a lonely child. Will Kero be able to see Sakura again if it means breaking a little girl's heart! Finally, Sakura's family takes a vacation where Sakura meets an old man in a mansion – who could he be?

I get the feeling that whomever comes up with these probably has nothing much to say about the episodes in question, and can see the looming future of so many DVDs to go and nothing to say about them too.

Extras outside the DVD would be one pencilboard, with rather nice pictures on both sides. One side has Sakura in her episode 2 battle costume framed by very large wings from the Sealing Wand (plus random glowies scattered around), and the other side has Sakura in her opening animation outfit posing against a backdrop which resembles a Clow Card. I might put the pictures up someday when I find them.

Extras in the DVD consists of an Art Gallery, with twenty-four line-art pictures and cleaned-up production sketches, a large number of which are basically Kero-chan in different poses. Standard "art gallery extra" stuff, essentially, and nothing particularly eye-catching, especially at the default resolution; one drawback of relatively older anime is that they don't really age well with regards to Bigger Better Screens and the ability to note every little pixel.

Anyway. Episode 13 is called "Sakura and the Elephant's Test of Strength", which I suppose technically counts as accurate if one kind of squints for a bit at the events in the episode. Sakura does have a test of strength, and an elephant does help out, and that's pretty much all one can say about it. I mean, it's just one elephant (well, technically two), not one thousand, much to Dibbler's disappointment.

Once again, the number of screenshots for this summary has been drastically reduced, or we'll be here all day staring at Tomoyo (Daidouji, I have to add, after the incalculable number of times I have to explain that I do not mean the CLANNAD Tomoyo of the Super Combo Hits). While I am perfectly content to while away the hours basking in Tomoyo's presence, I dare say that not everyone shares my view. (More's the pity.)

Therefore, every time Tomoyo appears onscreen, have another CHECK!Point. It's the right thing to do.

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