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Nanoha and Phoenix.

Something I noticed when I was going through my GamerS screenshots.

Phoenix Wright taken from Court Records.

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Rei objects.
Becky reacts.

Interesting things can be found when one tries to clear out the backlog of unwatched anime.

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Maya Fey and Kay Faraday.

Kay Faraday looks oddly familiar, in the sense that I remember thinking that she could pass for another character from another series. And yet I cannot for the life of me remember whom.

The Ace Attorney games are an interesting exception to the knee-jerk reaction I tend to have about localization. Some parts of it are cringe-worthy, I admit; the switch from ramen to burgers in the earlier games felt a little odd, as does the thin fiction that everything took place in some odd locale of the United States of America: odd in that a great many Japanese customs and settings are preserved because of some obscure hobby or tradition of the characters. It's obviously a Japanese game, but with the veil of Americanization.

And it's fine. The pop culture references became rather more subtle past the original three GBA games, and the humour was scaled back; I'd say the Apollo Justice game was darker in tone than the Phoenix Wright ones. But the overall ridiculously awesome characters and settings were retained, and the terrible puns in Japanese became different but just as terrible puns in English.

Ace Attorney Investigations, in keeping with being a side game to the main series, actually manages to make the companion character of Kay Faraday competent; she does say some odd stuff sometimes, with the world filtered through her Great Thief Wannabe (although Edgeworth correctly intuits that she probably wants to be a Great Ninja) lens, but she's smart enough to follow Edgeworth's logic.

And AAI has made me feel even more sorry for Gumshoe, a feat which I had previously not thought possible: I had assumed the depths of my sympathy for his situation had been fully plumbed, but now I see this is not so. Apparently being a member of the police force in the weird Japan-America hybrid setting of Ace Attorney is not a happy job.

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