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Another one from Nanatsuiro Drops.

One of the things I've been working on when not fiddling with high explosives my computer is something I've temporarily titled "MBHC". The idea is that one day, I might finally get off my lazy posterior and learn how to create a game in Renpy. There is, of course, that tricky obstacle of learning how to code that. (Just because I effectively taught myself Java in a week doesn't mean I liked it.)

The basic premise is that the player character, who is a Typical Visual Novel Protagonist Guy (TVNPG), is from Somewhere Else, and has come to Earth to find a suitable candidate to be a magical girl. There's a lot of stuff about the Champions and Adversaries of Balance, the Bureaucracy of Destiny, so on and so forth.

But nobody really cares about that. The main point of a story which is depicted as a bishoujo game are the female characters; everything else may as well be lorem ipsum for all the attention that will be paid to it. I am, in fact, counting on this, as would a craven coward who tosses a juicy piece of meat at a ravening dog in order to make good his escape. While readers (or players, possibly) are otherwise distracted with their mental images of the moe-blobs in the story, I get to experiment with writing a whole-hearted, non-parodic, celebratory magical girl story.

The primary stumbling block I've come across is actually an old one, which has tripped me up in other original stories I have written: namely, if a story is to possess an anime feel, should it be set in Japan?

There's the old bromide about writing what you know, which doesn't really work for my habit of using a fictional locale: Singapore, being a tiny island nation, does not have any leftover space in which to place another fictional city. Placing it in Actual Singapore would alienate the majority of English-speaking readers culturally, especially if I have to make the decision whether to consider the pidgin of Singlish a separate language, and thus eligible for translation into proper grammatical English.

The only other real-life experience I have which maps over to most of the rest of the world's, thanks to the United States being the primary force in globalization in the latter half of the 20th century, is that of an American University. This is a cliche in itself, considering the sheer number of Wacky Hijinks webcomics or original stories set in an American University, most likely the author's own. Besides, I don't know much about most of the US anyway; Americans who've met me in Real Life will remember how culturally shocked I always seemed to be, as well as my catchphrase.

In a case of Damned If I Do/Don't, if I set the story in Japan, I will base it on anime, and I will get accused of being an ignorant fanboy. If I set the story in the US, I will get almost everything wrong, and I will get accused of being an ignorant foreigner. To make a hollow laughter.

I never know why the desire to move to Japan is shouted down as shallow; I have a desire to move to the US, mainly because you people seldom have to pay international shipping fees, and this statement is often met with general approval. I suspect a double standard.

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