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Episode 20 of Card Captor Sakura, "Transfer Student vs. Sakura", introduces probably the most popular anime-original character in CCS, Li Meiling, voiced by one Yukana Nogami, before she decided to change her listed name to simply Yukana, and voiced notables as Teletha Testarossa (Full Metal Panic), Reinforce Zwei (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS), and Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White (Pretty Cure). This does mean that whenever Meiling opens her mouth, I suddenly hear traces of Rein Zwei in there somewhere.

It makes for some odd mental images.

Not many Tomoyo screenshots this time, but plenty of Meiling ones, since this is her primary debut episode (not counting the cameo in the previous). Also, plenty of comedically super-deformed facial expressions, keeping the overall feel of the episode light-hearted, despite the Kung Fu Action going on.

I don't have a great deal to say in this summary, because it's fifteen minutes to midnight on Friday, and I just managed to eke out enough time this week to write this entry. I'm looping Ievann Polkka to keep awake; tomorrow I shall no longer be sane.

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