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Recette, master of disguise.

Yes, I'm still playing Recettear. And enjoying it immensely; it seems to have just the right amount of cheery optimism and anime cuteness and Just One More Timeslice gameplay that pushes all the right buttons, although I'd have to be distressingly vague on exactly where these buttons are.

I've even been chronicling my adventures in Pensee on my Livejournal, no doubt to the irritation of my friendslist. For a game that purports to be about a little girl trying to pay off her father's debt in a RPG-stereotypical fantasy town, there are some deep spoilers in there. There is an actual plot going on here. It is surprising and awesome.

I keep talking about how I think Recettear would make a good anime, although to be honest the actual game mechanics would probably have to be relegated to the background after maybe a feature episode or so, because the real meat is in the character interactions and events. Elan and Caillou, Tielle and her sister, Alouette and Prime, Louie and poverty, Griff and his hamminess… even stumbling-block character Euria has her own backstory happening, and we can orbit endlessly around the hilarity of most of the cutscenes. The ones which aren't hilarious are heartwarming, which is just as good.

Wild speculation has been made. We know it will never come to pass. We know it is just idle rambling. We know it's essentially fanfic. We don't care, because the idea is captivating. Fanfic it may be, but it is fun fanfic.

One thing I think would work exceptionally well is a little post-episode bit, drawn in a simpler style, of Charme dispensing mildly-inebriated advice in the Pub, which can be applied to Real Life. Have confidence in yourself. Don't worry too much about the future. Don't be reckless with people's hearts. Do one thing every day which scares you. Respect your elders. Wear sunscreen.

Things like that.

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