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I've been listening to what may be safely called the Long Version of the opening theme of The World God Only Knows. At over eight minutes, it is Long indeed.

Apparently it is divided into five lyrical "chapters", each with its distinctive style, and what is heard in the opening animation is from chapter two, and even then cut short. Hearing the whole thing at once brings to mind strange baroque imageries, musical tapestries underlaid by harpsichord and rock guitar. Reactions I have seen have likened it to something liturgical, which may or may not be fitting. I can only imagine what keyword spam will arrive in the comments this time.

Parts of it remind me naggingly of some of Queen's works, although I cannot quite name the tune beyond knowing that it is somewhere in my collection. (Before anyone suggests, no, it is not particularly bohemian as such.) Is it a good tune? I'm not entirely sure. It seems to hit the right internal buttons, but I am as yet unsure if they are the same buttons hit by, say, a Michael Bay movie: impressive and enjoyable, but not particularly deep. My knowledge of musical theory does not extend so far.

In other news, I'll be heading down to Anime Festival Asia X tomorrow. I'm still not entirely sure what I will be doing there.

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