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Nazuna demonstrating pressure points.

The terrible secret of the past few weeks is that I haven't had the time to catch up on anime, which means I've forgotten where I left off. Ordinarily this is no big deal, and perhaps even a blessing in disguise, as I can rewatch anime in enjoyment, but when I have a blog to look out for things become a little less carefree.

I won't promise that I'll try harder, because I've noticed how once something becomes an obligation due to promising I'll do something, I tend to put it off, because the added responsibility triggers some sort of perfectionist nature, and everything I do is never enough. Promising to post more meaningful stuff on this blog will be the beginning of the end.

I think part of why Hidamari Sketch and its sequels have risen to be number three in my list of Favourite Anime is because of changes in my life: I'm busier now, or at least more stressed. Or more easily tired. Whatever. I don't seem to be able to gather up the energy to watch as much anime as before; however, unlike normal hobby burnout, this applies to everything, be it anime or video games or writing or reading or whatnot. I'm just tired, sleepy, and would rather not think. I'd be back in my full swing if I had like a couple of years off, with nothing to worry about, but that is obviously just a pipe dream.

Maybe I'm getting old. (Despite only being in my mid-twenties.)

And so an anime that I think would have bored me ten years ago is perfect now for relaxing. And it even teaches me to relax when I am not watching it at this very moment, simply by showing me the simple beauty in everyday life. It's art.

On a tangent actually related to this episode, the pressure point on the hand (between your index finger and thumb) that Nazuna teaches Yuno is something my mother also taught me, but instead of fixing hand cramps, I was told it would do something far different, and not at all related to hands. It could be merely psychological, but every time I get squeezed at that point, I have the strongest urge to retreat to a certain room, sit upon a certain throne, and do some serious thinking. It is, in all honesty, quite moving.

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