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Drosselmeyer greet Ahiru.

I have to give massive props to Princess Tutu for doing it right.

We've all had our discussions about how anime can be Art, or at least be in the same general vicinity as Art. Princess Tutu falls in at least the latter category, and I believe that it makes a very strong case for the former: the composition of each scene, the musical background, the plot, all of it is suffused with the essence of Art-ness. I would not hesitate to recommend this anime to those who would like an anime that makes them ponder the deconstruction (and, possibly, reconstruction) of fairy tales.

And yet, with all its Art-ness, Princess Tutu never forgets to entertain. I can watch it and analyse the roles of the Prince, the Princess, the Evil Villain, and how they're just roles rather than characters, an unfortunate fact that said characters are fully aware of. Or I can watch it and enjoy Ahiru being, well, Ahiru, the happy-go-lucky naive-but-charming little girl who isn't very good at much, but who still tries her best.

Princess Tutu is the best proof I have right now that anime doesn't have to be Serious and Edgy to be thought-provoking. It can be fun, and it can be art, all at the same time.

Also, I've always thought that Saint-Saens's "Les Carnaval des Animaux: Aquarium" would be perfect for a Creepy Eerie Revelation BGM, and Princess Tutu has done exactly that.

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