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Episode 14 of Card Captor Sakura, "Sakura, Toya, and Cinderella", suffers from what is either their fault or mine. Essentially, while watching the episode, I had the distinct feeling that the B-crew were the ones animating this, considering the number of warped background character designs and animation mistakes (for example, Tomoyo's hair ribbon changes colour between scenes… you bastards). Everything just seemed a bit lacking, as though all my love for the show was due to what was in my head, rather than what was actually on the screen.

However, I also noted that prior to watching this episode, I had just marathoned The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and eight years of progress of anime technology (along with the obvious realities of producing a seventy-episode anime versus a fourteen-episode one) would certainly make a difference. Perhaps I was merely judging too harshly with regards to mere surface quality, and the actual contents were in line with the higher class of filler, for which I should be thankful.

And so I cannot actually say whether this episode was good or bad, until I have reacclimated myself with the rather unique world that CCS is immersed in. Until then, please enjoy Osamu Dazai's [No Longer Human] the sight of Super Baito Touya as a… well, it appears that there is one thing that Touya is not good at, and that is wearing a dress.

Consider all jokes about "relationship", "Yukito", and "pants" already made.

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