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Lessons with Rereko.

I'm beginning to suspect that part of the reason why I appreciate the Manga Guide books so much is because the audience surrogate character tends to be female. Not only that, but a cheerful, energetic, never-give-up, let's-positive-thinking female character. It means that she gets the majority of the screentime, and so people like me can ogle the eye-candy while our brains try to work out the concept being explored.

An unfortunate side-effect is that the smart teacher doing the explaining is generally a guy, of the Young Nerd-type Everyman variety seen in plenty of anime. While this is obviously to provide a little romantic comedy into the entertainment, it's probably best not to look too deeply into the gender roles.

Of course, MGTDatabases has several more characters than the teacher-student duo of MGTPhysics and MGTDatabases, and the explainer is a little (female) fairy. I wonder if I need a bigger sample size.

The Manga Guide To Electricity is a little harder for me to understand than MGTPhysics and MGTDatabases. Which is odd, since I didn't have trouble in school with this bit of my Physics classes (my problem areas were in Chinese, Literature, and non-calculus higher math like Statistics). I can only imagine what Molecular Biology would be like.

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