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Gendou in his trademark pose.

I'm back from Reservist training, and have been for most of a recuperative week. Part of the recuperation is in finding out what I missed in the two weeks I was essentially incommunicando.

Apparently a new anime season is starting up? This is not news, to be sure, but it does place me in a strange position: an anime blogger who has no idea what the new season brings, and is finding it increasingly difficult to care.

Which isn't to say that I have suddenly burned out on all anime ever, of course. Rather, I'd like to just pause the world for a week or two (perhaps to make up for the time I was gone), in order to catch up on the last season's anime.

Blogs have certain expectations of them, if they want to retain interested readers. If we blog about the latest and newest anime, it's understood to be our raison d'etre, and will obviously raise no commentary and eyebrows. If we blog about older anime, perhaps those of a few years past, it's "rediscovering" or "rewatching" or whatever. Slightly more unusual, but also no big deal.

But a blogger who goes through an anime series episodically one or two seasons behind the curve is… slow. Focusing on olds, rather than news, which in the case of a new media outlet like a blog is a cardinal sin.

Admittedly, this focus on the Newest And Latest can be waived to a certain degree: one aspect which differentiates a blog, particularly a hobby blog, from an actual Serious New Site is the element of activism that underlies everything we do. We post because we want to get our opinions out there, and because we think what we post is worth posting, by the low pandemonic standards of the Internet. We say what we say in front of an audience, however silent and unresponsive and imaginary.

And I keep thinking that I'll have things to say about the anime season that has already passed. I didn't get a chance to do more than a cursory glance at the first few episodes of Shukufuku no Campanella and Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi and there's even Amagami SS which I've only seen the first episode of, and already now there's The World God Only Knows coming out and dammit I just want to watch anime, is that so hard.

It's getting harder and harder for me to start caring about keeping up with the new anime coming out in Japan, but increasingly I want to watch the anime which I already have but haven't had a chance to go through. I wonder if lagging behind the curve by a season or two is acceptable.

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From the Hidamarble song collection booklet.

For some reason, once you become an established blogger who does okay-ish in terms of site hits, nowhere near the Big Guys but still kind of ego-boosting, a great many people start wanting to recruit you into their blogs.

I'm not entirely certain why. Maybe it has something to do with having developed your own style, or showing that you actually know how to spell, or something along those lines. Why I was not so scouted a few years back when I was blogless (well, I had and still have a Livejournal, but it's more for slice-of-life) is a mystery.

I turn these invitations down. The chief, primary, and overriding reason is because I have enough trouble writing my requisite posts on this blog, much less come up with something new and different for someone else's. It's the time factor, mostly: so many things are happening in Real Life that require my attention, largely because they tie kind of directly into being able to eat, preferably while watching anime with an Internet connection. I have this chunk of hobby time which looks substantial, but quickly gets consumed by all sorts of things, mostly due to stuff I agreed to do during the less hectic times. They're still technically hobbies, but being responsible for them turns them into obligations which I have to do, whether I continue enjoying them or not.

Blogging about a subject in general takes up more time than simple typing speed would indicate. For one thing, I have to keep up with both the anime I want to blog about, and the anime that everyone else is blogging about, and the anime that may or may not be blog-worthy. (These may be the same thing.) While I am doing so, I also have to find something to say about them, rather than the usual "eh, it's good" or "eh, it's not good".

Other stuff like GamerS I treat as a test of my improvisational abilities. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. So it goes.

All this has left me surprisingly little time for my other hobbies; I've been meaning to continue my long-abandoned Card Captor Sakura fanfic, but unless I can justify it by posting it in instalments on this blog (which I doubt will be welcome by anyone), it will have to wait. And then there's the whole genderbending thing to work on, sometime.

I mention all this not to whine, but… well, maybe just to whine a little. But the original intention was to illustrate why I always seem to be posting Things Of No Substance every week, both sometime on Saturday evenings.

I have also received a rather more compelling offer to write for another anime blog; the extra compulsion is because the offer was extended by Real Life friends. In the fevered contemplation that ensued, I was wondering what the reactions here would be if I moved all my standard anime reviews there, and kept the "side" stuff like the CCS episode summaries and Nanoha GamerS here. I could link or crosspost the review-type stuff back here, as a lazy shortcut. There shall be the place for the more respectable face of anime blogging (relatively speaking); I am quite certain that nobody else on the Internet is going to want to host these weird screenshot comics of questionable legality.

Knowing these guys in Real Life and interacting with them on a regular basis allows for some extra accountability: if someone seems to be slacking off, we can commence with the "wtf mate" and smacking each other upside the head, like a peculiarly injokey Stooge troupe.

Honestly, what I'd really like is a year off from all obligations, so I can work on what I want to, when I want to. There's a zillion stories I want to write, but life is not so easy. I should have called this an anime and creative writing blog. I'm still tempted to do so, but the decision never seems to stick, especially in the cold light of dawn.

Time shall tell how it will all end.

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