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Biiii~ da

I didn't really like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, mostly due to it being targeted entirely outside my tastes. At best, I can say that I understand why people would like it, in much the same way I can say I understand why people like basketball or something, while the actual topic itself completely fails to engage me in any way. In fact, I think my mind sort of shuts down as I wait for the conversation to turn back to things I have the remotest interest in.

Nevertheless, the "Kirameki Yoko Box – Pieces of Sweet Stars" single, specifically Kuro's post about it, did pique my interest, because I found Yoko to be one of the more tolerable characters in the series: for one thing, she doesn't quite shout so much, and shows some glimmers of intelligence beyond being generically violent.

The music video does address, in part, one of my admittedly petty concerns about the original anime: here, Yoko spends about two-thirds of the video wearing more clothes than she does in the series. Suddenly, she becomes far more attractive. I am beginning to suspect that my insistence on this is because a bikini top and daisy dukes don't really provide much material (literally) for the more awesome costume designs seen in anime.

Not much to say about the music. It is, much like the series, aimed at a target audience that does not include me. It's not too hard on the ears, but it does have a lot more techno than I'm really comfortable with. The "Kirameki MIX", however, is a great deal more fun.

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