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I had a long post planned out, but circumstances and the demons of technology have conspired against my posting it. Therefore, this report shall have to do.

What is not shown there are the myriad photos of us wandering around the festival, before it is a festival. We have witnessed a sort of prepatory state. (Also not shown: the buffet lunch we may or may not have intruded on. And the bit where, by pained expressions of abject embarrassment and lots of bowing apologetically, I managed to convey the idea of These Noodles Are Good to Mr. Mamoru Hosoda, director for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars.)

Pictures are appended without commentary or editing. There shall be no commentary this time; not if I want to remain in any sort of useful shape for tomorrow.

Every picture inside was taken by Kindaichi17, co-blogger for AnimeNauts. Every one of these seventy photos.

Now you know.

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Apparently tomorrow is Anime Festival Asia 2009. I do not blame you if you do not navigate a great portion of the site, since, coding aside, the thing is not particularly user-friendly. It's a very busy site, full of flashing and pulsating signs; the sort of site one tends to feel inexplicably sullied after visiting, and making sure that one's anti-virus is up to date.

My curious lack of enthusiasm can be traced back to my previous posts on the 2008 version, where I rail in my typical passive-aggressive and inevitably futile way against conventions made For Fans, By Companies, which end up turning into a merchandise display, without anything for the fans to do other than Buy Stuff. This may have been intentional.

Nevertheless, I will still be attending AFA09, this time with something resembling a media pass, except for that murkily ill-defined area of "online journalism". Since bloggers in general are not entitled to said media passes, I can only assume that more is expected of me. I may have taken a Step Up, but the added responsibility is crushing me back down.

Before you ask, no, the media pass is not for this blog. It is for another. I may crosspost, or at least cross-link the report.

And yet, to get the new site acknowledged as a legitimate "online journalism" site, the webmaster of the New Site needed site hit numbers. Which were obtained from this blog's WordPress Stats.

There may or may not be some form of irony here.

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There are no pictures. There will be no pictures, mainly because I didn't feel like pointing the webcam at anyone and I'm not going to install the Nokia PC Suite after what it did to my computer the last time.

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My shirt.

Being a Chronicle of the Events that Took Place during the First Day of the Anime Festival Asia on the Twenty-Second Day of the Eleventh Month of the Year Two Thousand and Eight of our Lady and Saviour Kyonko the Flat.

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From Lucky Star episode 12.

This Saturday, I shall be headed to Anime Festival Asia 2008 in order to hopefully do something remotely related to anime.

Truth to tell, the primary reason I am going in the first place is for the chance to meet fellow bloggers, especially considering Singapore appears to be disproportionately represented in the Anglophone anime blogging scene. I have yet to figure out the reason for this, since every time I bring the subject up, the discussion quickly descends into snarkiness, sarcasm, and general unhelpfulness.

I wish to meet my fellow Singaporean bloggers to determine if it is true that their offline, Real Life personas are not as abrasive as their online ones. Because damn you people can be nasty.

If you should find yourself there, I am not sure how you may be able to recognize me among the teeming crowds. If there is anything to do with blogging and bloggers, I shall likely be there, since of all the Featured Content trumpeted thus far, none have really piqued my interest: I have no interest in May'n or Ichirou Mizuki, largely because I am unfamiliar with the source of their fame. I am not a competitive gamer by any means (those familiar with my postings on the CoH/V boards will remember my intense dislike of anything resembling PvP), and so the various arcade-gaming competitions aim outside my demographic. I am, as the title of this blog should describe, one of those plebeians who likes the influx of moe-blobs that have inundated the realm of popular anime in recent years, and so the suspiciously psychadelic gruesomeness of Studio 4C's Genius Party is likely to be anathema to my tastes. (I'll still check it out, but I'll not stay long.)

This does not leave a lot of anime festivities for this anime lover to participate in.

Then again, I heard u liek mudkips that various anime will be screened… sometime. Somewhere. I don't know where, since there is nothing resembling a timetable on the AFA site, although I could just be blinded by the OMG BLINKING PICS. Still, Shakugan no Shana and Tora Dora may be in existence, however briefly. Maybe.

If all else fails, I can make one circuit of the festival resisting the temptation of swag (after Mass Effect, Spore, Fallout 3, Command and Conquer Saga, The Witcher, and Sins of a Solar Empire, my budget for this year is well and truly drained). I have this faint hope that the heavens will turn their favoured face to us, and provide us Singaporeans with a veritable cornucopia of bishoujo games. I do not even ask for the ero version of these treasures; just the ones with the original Japanese voices (since I do not trust the voice acting industry for these games outside of Japan), all-ages version.

When I get tired of it all, I may depart to the Arts House, Earshot Cafe, to continue salvaging my NaNoWriMo. Or something.

The astute reader may note that all this is making it increasingly unlikely that I will be blogging AFA 08 at all, apart from this. This is also because my camera does not work, so I am stuck with either using my cellphone (with space for maybe three photos) or my Eee PC's webcam, meaning that you may spot me by looking for the idiot holding an Eee PC trying to take webcam pictures.

Apart from that, I shall be wearing a shirt that may render me invisible. No, really; it's a shirt with "Shirt Of Invisibility +2" written on it. I have the feeling that this may backfire.

So it goes.

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