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Prelude to a chocolate-flavoured kiss.

Do people in Real Life actually play that Pocky game? I know there's the whole Lady and the Tramp spaghetti thing, which seems to be a sort of cliche by now; I don't think I've seen it truly played straight, or at least played straight without a mention of the original.

But the Pocky thing seems to turn up whenever a romantic comedy anime, or even any anime with a hint of both romance and comedy, enters a scene which has party connotations. Two people are paired off by in-universe random chance, which happens to be something completely different beyond the fourth wall, concentrating on maximum hilarity potential. Some plot may even be progressed.

The only other party games I'm aware of with more harem romantic comedy anime screentime are Twister and what I've seen translated as the King's Game, which is the one with the numbered sticks and the one marked for the King, but which I can't seem to find on Wikipedia. For some reason Spin The Bottle is popular in fanfics, but I don't think I've seen an occasion in an anime itself. (Or if I have, it was quickly forgotten.) Twister makes for an excuse to entangle limbs of opposite genders, while the King's Game is straight in-character sadism.

This could be like the beach activity of splitting open watermelons by brute impact. We see it referenced in many places in anime, but as the girls in Lucky Star comment, only rich people can afford to do this, and rich people tend not to be the sort to do it. (Except for Haruka Nogizaka.)

I'm also assuming that I don't need to put a trademark sign after every mention of Pocky, since I don't know how. I know it's registered under Glico, but I'm hoping I don't get sued or anything for this, especially since strawberry-flavoured Pocky remains my favourite snack.

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