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Taken from the Musashi scanlation.

I've been re-reading the manga Love & Collage (shortened to AiKora; it makes sense, really) recently. A quick summary for those unfamiliar with AiKora: the main character is a Perverted Harem Male Lead who's obsessed with certain types of body parts on his "ideal girl". Through the usual plot contortions, he ends up in the presence of four (later six) of his main ideal "parts", each one Platonically perfect, except on different girls. Cue Wacky Hijinks.

Anyway, I had a long and rambling musing about how the various "parts fetishism" that are the premise of the story can be mapped well enough onto the idea of individualized moe traits, but then I lost interest in favour of the cute girls therein. Which in turn sparked off the faint rudiments of a post about how I could take a story like this and spin it out into something deeper about the niches of anime fandom and whether or not it's all justified in the search for the highest aesthetic pleasure…

… or I could just read the damn manga and enjoy it.

Why was I reading the manga? Because I wanted to immerse myself in an unrealistic and yet ultimately optimistic story featuring cute girls of various personality types just being happy, being themselves. What makes the girls cute? They have features I think are cute, like Yukari's glasses (as Kureha understands very well), or because I can imagine them to be my ideal version of "cute", such as Kirino's voice, which obviously can't come across in a visual-and-text medium.

That's about all.

Is there something to be said about how I am identifying with the protagonist and his like-minded fellows in my appreciation for "parts", however abstracted? Probably, yes; the different factions are shown to be somewhat pitiful, in an affectionate and yet cutting manner. Tread this path, the message seems to be, and you'll likely never be anything more than a pervert in the eyes of society. Despair all who enter here.

Yeah, whatever. I just want to read about Kureha's valiant efforts to convince Yukari that glasses are attractive on girls. It's lazy and shallow, but dammit, it's still fun.

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