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Mugi learns to eat candy.

It's a Mugi-centric episode. I am happy.

Mugi learns to dress for class.

So very happy.

Mugi learns to get hit on the head.

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Mugi-chan in a school swimsuit.
Mugi-chan tests the desks.

I don't think there's really much else to say about that.

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Mugi-chan in a waitress outfit.
Mugi-chan in a Chinese outfit.
Mugi-chan in a bunnygirl outfit.

You are killing me here. It is such a sweet death.

I realize that there's something about a concert or some such, but other people have covered that in more detail than I feel like. I have but one gimmick, and I am going to milk that gimmick for all it is worth.

Mind you, I'm well aware that given Tsumugi's inclinations, it would be highly disingenuous of me to ever consider her Mai Waifu material. At the most, I can only observe her from afar, which is probably why the thought "Mugi-chan in a maid outfit" quickly turned into "Mugi-chan in a maid", and all that entails.

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From the Cagayake Girls single.

Like a more general anime blog, the sort that would hew closer to the stereotype, I have been keeping track of K-On as the episodes appear. Judging by the flow of messages on Twitter, this is Not A Good Thing. Mind you, it's not as though this anime blog is so well-known as to attract Twittered attention, but the messages are posted as a general rage against the blogosphere, and as such I am caught in the splash damage of the AoE.

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