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Since I'm medicated and not in the mood for anything more strenuous than vegetation in front of cute anime girls, this seems like a good way to fulfil the post quota.

Last time, we decided to continue on the Rin route. Let's see where it leads.

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A shorter update this time.

Of course, we're going with Rin. If it helps, I might do a few other run-throughs next time to showcase the other characters, assuming I don't forget about this in the near future and lose all interest.

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Generally when I get a new idea for a project, I run it into the ground until I get bored of it (which happens quite quickly), and then I leave it on hiatus indefinitely. Until I suddenly get another burst of inspiration, and then start up all my old projects again.

Anyway. Previously on Nursery Rhyme, Shizuma got conned into a date with Yukina, or at least what amounts to a date. This doesn't actually have much to do with the plot, since it's not like the player can choose to get out of it.

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But I have this blog entry to do.

When last we left off, our protagonist Shizuma had been accused of a Humourously Embarrassing Peeping Incident, involving what is obviously the tsundere option Tita Flawless Brandt. A d2 flip made my choice for me: Shizuma tells all.

So it goes.

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Title screenshot

The last time I tried playing Nursery Rhyme, I didn't get very far. Time passed, and the blog stats kept telling me that people seem to like that post. Gods know why; maybe everyone's actually looking for real nursery rhymes, which have often struck me as being a bit creepy if one knows their historical roots.

(This is why I'm not heading my entry with "nursery rhyme", since someone looking for something for their kiddies might not react kindly to eroge.)

One of the frequent comments about Nursery Rhyme is that it's actually a pretty good game, or at least a good Visual Novel (disclaimer added to head off debates about the definition of "game"), and it is Such A Pity that nobody's made an English patch for it yet. Since the main reason I didn't finish the game was entirely because of the lack of an English patch, I can understand this, much like how I cannot understand most of the text in the game.

Therefore, a thought occurs: being that I have no other ideas for a blog post that haven't already been overdone, why not post about a playthrough of the game?

Normally I'd keep a post like this at the back of my mind, hopefully to be forgotten, because it's a very bad idea to start yet another thing I probably won't be able to finish. However, Real Life has landed me in the middle of what might be described as Excreta Occurs, and I really need something to cheer me up. Therefore, you get this. I may or may not continue on with this, depending on my whims.

In the far future, when I am no longer under the thrall of soul-sapping situations, or at least head up instead of head down, I might alter this intro to be less irritable. Until then, so it goes.

Incidentally, don't ask me where I got the game, since I don't even remember it myself. I suspect that this is one of those "friend of a friend", or "guy who knows a guy" things, and I'm horrible with keeping track of those.

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Makina from Nursery Rhyme.

I don't actually have any posts in reserve for today, so I'll do the extremely lazy thing and schedule a wallpaper, 1024×768 version. This is Makina Tomoe from the erogame Nursery Rhyme; she's the happy, genki type, who's probably going to be the Real Ending or some such. (Well, unless the game throws something out of left field at me.) Source is unknown, but probably 4chan, judging by the filename; I didn't even know I had a Nursery Rhyme wallpaper until today, when I was browsing through mine wallpaper folder. Apparently I grabbed it some time ago, and only grokked the source recently.

In all honesty, I've not actually finished the game, or even progressed much since the last time I played it, largely because I find myself with less faith in my understanding-from-context Japanese skills picked up from over twelve years of watching anime every time I see that torrent of complicated words. I should probably put some time into deciphering the text, but I yet hold out hope that some kind soul out there will release an unofficial English translation patch or some such. That, or a walkthrough.

I don't really have the spare time in front of my computer to construct an actual post, mostly because this weekend is taken up entirely by (tabletop) gaming. Exchanging one geeky activity for another is probably not that bad of a thing when the end result is more socializing with other (probable) human beings. Still, I'll probably be looking to pick up another anime that is easy to understand sans subtitles for my blogging, in addition to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Current prime candidate is sola, mostly because it seems to have enough things that I can actually talk about at any length, and which I actually like watching.

Of course, I might also be pulling out yet another Card Captor Sakura episode summary. I should probably spread those out; too many "Yukito says he's just visiting Touya to Study, wink-wink nudge-nudge hur-hur-hur" jokes in rapid succession would probably get a little old.

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Mic test nya~

For an anime blog, I don't really review a lot of anime.

So once again I've obtained another eroge, this time Nursery Rhyme by Lump of Sugar. I first heard about this game from the now-infamous Code Geass parody, and felt that the opening theme was the sort of indicator of exactly the sort of moe sugary-sweet romantic comedy story I have a weakness for. You know, bright colours, happy school days, predictable and yet amusing situations, one nice guy being dragged around by lots of cute girls, the like. I suppose what I'm really looking for is a cute love story without the angst, but still interesting enough to watch.

The primary problem I have with playing this game is that it's not translated. My Japanese is obtained entirely from watching anime and what horrible grades in Chinese I managed to get, which helps slightly in kanji recognition, but hardly matters when the characters start ranting in a torrent of complicated kanji. Therefore, I've really only been clicking through the text boxes and listening to the characters speak, in an effort to glean some understanding of the situations based on context.

I haven't finished (or am even near finishing) the game yet, and so I can't really give a proper full review. (Not that I can do that anyway.) Still, thus far I haven't gotten to even one outright H scene (just the way I like it), and there were a few bits which made me chuckle, if only because it's the sort of humour I'm partial to.

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