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Azusa in stockings.

Since Santa presumably knows everything you've done like some kind of more efficient Wikileaks, it is comforting to imagine that turnabout is fair play.

I've been somewhat out of touch these past few weeks due to various circumstances, which will likely not resolve themselves anytime soon. There's generally that subtle but annoying difference between having enough free time snatched out of the spaces between Doing Other Stuff, and having enough free time in large enough blocks to seriously get down to working on what I should be working on.

In other words, don't expect any reliable updates until the end of the year. And possibly a bit beyond.

On another note, I've been inadvertantly increasing my presence on Danbooru, mainly through trying to find suitable images for various blog posts. I'd like to upgrade my account for increased flexibility in searching terms (the basic Two Search Terms Only is a little stifling), but there doesn't seem to be much on how to go about doing this. Do I just send an exploratory email to the address listed or something? Is there some kind of form that needs to be filled out? Or perhaps a form letter that hasn't been put up on the FAQ yet? Fushigi mystery.

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Attending the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention: one day.

Organizing my notes from the NUS talks: one day.

Researching based on my notes: two hours.

Getting distracted by other fascinating tangents to the research: two days.

Trying to find random pictures to break up the text: four days.

Actually sitting down seriously and writing the post: four hours.

You can read my ramblings on Watching Anime For The Story Vs Watching Anime For The Characters over at Animenauts, as usual.

Next time: yaoi.

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Merchandise found at STGCC.

As anyone who might be following the Animenauts Twitter feed will definitely be aware of by now, considering how much I spam that feed, I just came back from the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention.

Most of the day was spent at the NUS talks held at the second-floor conference room, where papers on various aspects of anime were presented.

Upside, there's plenty of food for thought, particularly in the realm of fandom motivations. Downside, I have no idea how I can turn these hastily-taken notes into something resembling a coherent post.

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CD Single image.

I've been listening to what may be safely called the Long Version of the opening theme of The World God Only Knows. At over eight minutes, it is Long indeed.

Apparently it is divided into five lyrical "chapters", each with its distinctive style, and what is heard in the opening animation is from chapter two, and even then cut short. Hearing the whole thing at once brings to mind strange baroque imageries, musical tapestries underlaid by harpsichord and rock guitar. Reactions I have seen have likened it to something liturgical, which may or may not be fitting. I can only imagine what keyword spam will arrive in the comments this time.

Parts of it remind me naggingly of some of Queen's works, although I cannot quite name the tune beyond knowing that it is somewhere in my collection. (Before anyone suggests, no, it is not particularly bohemian as such.) Is it a good tune? I'm not entirely sure. It seems to hit the right internal buttons, but I am as yet unsure if they are the same buttons hit by, say, a Michael Bay movie: impressive and enjoyable, but not particularly deep. My knowledge of musical theory does not extend so far.

In other news, I'll be heading down to Anime Festival Asia X tomorrow. I'm still not entirely sure what I will be doing there.

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Mikoto as Pikachu.

I wonder if I'm the only person who, when playing inFamous, starts imagining Mikoto Misaka (aka Biri-biri) in the role of Cole McGrath.

As far as I can tell on Danbooru, nobody's done fanart of that yet. Plenty of Pikachu references, though, as the picture shows.

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Yui's alternate hairstyle.

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Team Fortress 2.

I've found that one reason I don't mind subtitles, and indeed seek subtitles, even in English-language entertainment, is because I have a problem with being easily distracted. Subtitles give me something to focus on, to pay attention to while all this sound and imagery is going on. I tend to really concentrate when I'm reading, which makes all the other distractions kind of fade out into irrelevancy.

I'm not entirely sure why this is so.

This does make the whole sub vs dub debate kind of tangential for me: assuming equal quality, I don't have much preference over whether the voices are in Japanese or English, but I must have subs, preferably in a language I can understand. The clutter on the screen that I believe is dropped as an anti-sub argument, like some sort of depth charge, is to me the entire point.

On the upside, subtitles have actually allowed me to enjoy a lot more anime than I would otherwise. I tend to react badly when what was supposed to be a cute girl is drawn in a distinctly off-model style, and reading the subtitles really closely is one way I can just get the scene over with.

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I hope she's well-grounded.

In Real Life news, I've gotten myself an Android phone, specifically a Samsung Galaxy S, and I am infatuated with it. It has already had tangible impact on my productivity: not only am I able to work on stuff while waiting for the bus or whatnot, I find myself procrastinating even that to refresh Twitter on Seesmic like some sort of Pavlovian experiment.

It's probably not all that fitting that I'm using a Nanami Madobe wallpaper for my phone, since it's not exactly a Microsoft product, but Nanami is cute, and that's all that matters.

I love the march of technology, for it lets me look at cute anime girls wherever I go. There can be no greater benefit.

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Akira and Saki.

"What song is that on your media player?"

"It's the ending from Eden of the East."

"I don't think I've seen that. Isn't it the one where the guy dances naked in front of the White House?"

"In the first episode, yes."

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Even though I was rooting for an Asian team, any Asian team, to get far in the World Cup, this doesn't seem to be happening this year.

I'm pretty much just watching to snark at the teams now. That, and be slowly but inevitably driven mad by the droning of the bees.

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