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Having caught up on what I've forgotten, I have remembered why Haruna is my favourite character of this show. She's sweet and kind and adorable and for some reason I find myself rooting for her over Lala, even though Lala is supposed to be the primary female character.

Which does mean that I am rooting for Haruna to end up with Rito, despite Rito's generically clumsy nature as a harem comedy male protagonist. It's clear that Haruna does not mind, and perhaps indeed finds it endearing, but truth be told I'd also root for her to end up with Oshizu or something if the plot demands it, as long as Haruna is happy. That, and only that, is the primary criteria for this instance of To Love-Ru shipping.

In this case, Haruna's happiness trumps Lala's happiness, perhaps because Haruna doesn't seem to place a very high priority on her own happiness, thus requiring the fans to take up the slack. It's an interesting puzzle to contemplate: I don't feel as bad when I think about Haruna getting Rito and Lala losing out (assuming Rito doesn't go the harem route), whereas contemplating Haruna sad, regardless of who else Rito ends up with, is a terrible feeling. (Yes, I'm easily-influenced.)

There isn't even the question of whether Rito is Good Enough for Haruna. Haruna certainly thinks so, and apparently what Haruna says is good enough for me. Further examination of the matter starts to feel like I'm thinking too deeply into the whole business, and I may as well start working out the physical specs and ramifications of Lala's inventions rather than point out whether Rito's faults outweigh his good points in the overall success of Operation Make Haruna Happy.

And yet, I might be overthinking it anyway, since I'm actively rooting for a character in a harem comedy that does not have any form of resolution to date. Watching events conspire to prevent Rito and Haruna from getting together more than they have is… frustrating. There is the strange urge to reach into the screen and lock the two of them together in a room for however long it takes for either one to confess (or for teenage hormones to dictate the action, whichever comes first); Mikado-sensei can provide the facilities, and I'll even give them privacy. Just get together, dammit.

Of such feelings are fanfics born.

On a tangent, the nature of the series makes it understandably difficult to look for pictures of a remotely worksafe nature.

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Her name is Yami, or something?

I'm well aware of the fact that To-Love-Ru is essentially a fanservice show, with little more excuse than to show cute girls in various states of undress. This is pretty much why I'm watching it in the first place, albeit only partly so: I am far more interested in the costumes, so my attraction to this sort of anime is more about cute girls in various states of dress.

Except I watched a bit of the first episode and realized that I might be getting a little too saturated with data: it has been so long since the first season that I have no idea who most of these people are.

Which is an odd complaint for a show like this: one can summarize the general plotline of an episode in a few brief sentences. The girls lose their clothes in some way. The male lead gets a good eyeful, nosebleeds. The male lead gets beaten up. Repeat, while adding in a few bits of Wacky Alien Hijinks.

But I doubt people watch this show for the plot, as much as for the characters, or at least the girls. And when I can't remember most of the female characters, not for want of trying, I begin to appreciate the little recaps some anime do at the beginning of every new season.

I can kind of remember the main female lead, the pink-haired alien girl with the very interesting outfit I kind of want to know how to design. I can remember the male lead's little sister. I can remember the Normal Girl the male lead has a crush on, and I admit she looks just as cute as I remember. I can remember some alien guy who turns into a girl or something, and I can also remember how the show (and the manga) tended to keep him in girl form for the fanservice.

Most of all I remember the blonde girl who keeps reminding me of Fate Testarossa from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and who is apparently also some sort of intergalactic assassin, although in Fate's case this only started after she grew up, and they don't call it that in the Nanoha-verse anyway. But names, names, all elude me, and with it comes a desire to refresh my memory by watching the first season again.

Not that I have any objections per se, but I kind of have to work on a blog post, and the last time I went on a memory-refresher binge I lost track of three days. The irony is immediately obvious.

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