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Loli inna can.

A rather short summary this time. So short, in fact, that I will be eschewing many of the details, as the full impact of what has happened has yet to truly sink in.

Despite the brevity of the entry, spoilers will be under the cut. Well, the fansubs are already out, but in case someone hasn't seen those yet, I should be considerate.

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I remember having a hospital stay for a couple of weeks or so once when I was little, but my sister was also there (and suffering from the same thing I was, I think), my parents were pretty much constantly at our sides, and the most I had to worry about was boredom. Well, and being sick, but that's a given. If I were there for longer and more isolated (and possibly old enough to realize this), I don't think I would have been as blase about it.

A Koyori and Aono-centric episode this time, a third of the way into the series. I'm beginning to guess that sola is going to go with a majority of slow drama episodes, focusing more on the various characters and their unique circumstances, before going into the meat of the supernatural portion of the story.

It's a bit like Kanon: here we have some very strange events that do not seem to be explainable by science, and each one alone could be a story all unto itself if one would analyze all the little details and inner workings… but no, we get a large amount of handwaving and far more focus on the emotions of the characters. This is good in its own way (as may be seen from the immense Kanon fandom), but in a relative unknown like sola, what a lot of the viewpoints I've seen so far may be the result of false expectations. We see the Night Demon plot point, and we expect that the anime will revolve around that, when it may well all be some sort of MacGuffin, at least for the first half of the series or something.

Anyway. Aono gets some character development, while Koyori is all sweet and polite and very loli cute. It's almost Pavlovian by now: every time I see Koyori, I go all hanyaa~n and moe~ in a way that would probably be extremely creepy and disturbing to any unfortunate onlookers.

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