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Ready to fight.

For a change from my usual listlessness and apathy, this time I do have something I want to say, but I am actually restraining myself from saying it. I suppose this paradox stems from my not really knowing why I have this blog in the first place: I want to be able to let my thoughts and opinions be heard, but I also want it to remain all inoffensive and unobtrusive. And so when an issue like this arises, I find myself just bursting with things to say, but not actually daring to point fingers and use harsh language. I don't like conflict, but what I have to say will probably entail some amount of conflict sometime in the future.

So I'm sure most have heard of the recent kerfluffle about KyoAni's decision to animate Clannad. The progenitor, so to speak, would be this Freezeframe commentary on Random Curiosity. Now, I have my own opinions about Freezeframe's history of controversy, but I have to at least maintain a semblance of professional courtesy. Putting that aside, the issue here is that KyoAni is now making an anime from Key's Clannad game, and some believe that this is, and I quote from the original post, "a total waste of ability and resources". Some others disagree.

(In fairness, the original Freezeframe did mention that KyoAni doing Key works may well be a good thing. However, the phrasing used could definitely have been improved to be less, well, condescending. But since I've already made my criticisms of the Freezeframe commentaries before, I guess the author has already taken it under advisement.)

Myself, I have my own opinions about the whole issue. Well, perhaps not so much opinions as a sort of burning rage of a thousand suns into which puppies covered in napalm have been violently thrust that is only tangential to the actual animation of Clannad. But as mentioned, I have to maintain calm and rationality, because to actually vent and let loose to my feelings would be impolite. It will not be nice. And considering that the entire point of my blog deals with an aspect of anime that many people wish to see forever erased from existence, and have said as much, I think that I should probably not throw away any advantages I might accrue from a reputation of being mostly harmless.

Just in case any of the unconscious vitriol leaks through, though, I will have to warn that anything below the cut is likely to be less judiciously edited for tone of voice, if not content.

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