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I can't think of anything to say. I can't even decide which screenshot to use.

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Nodoka blushing.

Mio's right: blushing Nodoka is kind of rare. And kind of cute, too.

They've really been pushing the whole "this is the last time we'll be together" thing these past few episodes. All Good Things and all that, which kind of reflects my last year of secondary school. (The less said about my years in Junior College the better.) We've also been with the girls of After School Tea Time for so long that it feels like we're approaching the same conceptual barrier of Graduation and Leaving, no matter how long it was since we were last in school ourselves.

I wonder what's going to happen to the Light Music Club now that Azusa is the only official member. I suppose we'll have to wait for the final episode to find out.

I also wonder if Nodoka managed to pass on the leadership of the Mio Akiyama Fan Club to the next Student Council president.

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An interesting situation that arises in anime with that odd label of "slice of life" is that during a Valentine's Day episode, not much is expected to happen.

Now, if it was labelled with "romance", then we may see sparks. But here, in an all-girls' school, in a series that doesn't quite have much to do with the increasingly-parodied relationship between a girl and another girl in a politically-dubious way, we mostly just have comedy.

This is understandable, of course. Otherwise, there would be a question of who the recipient of Valentine's Day Chocolate would be, and the show would have to introduce a brand new character. It is the nature of blogs to wonder innocently why these girls don't seem to have picked up boyfriends, while also providing commentary on the less salubrious aspects of fandom threatening grievous harm at the thought of these fictional characters being in a fictional relationship.

Of course, since I've never had a girlfriend ever, it's not like I'm one to talk.

One idea which keeps popping into my head is some sort of fanfic (or other fanwork) with one of the K-On girls introducing her boyfriend to the others. It doesn't even need to be naughty; I can already imagine the all-too-awkward conversations as the other girls try to figure out just what this strange creature possessing a Y chromosome (and the heart of one of their own) is actually like as a person.

For some reason, I picture the one most likely to have a boyfriend to be Azusa, entirely because she will probably have the most normal reaction to the bizarre actions of the others.

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Yui's alternate hairstyle.

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Two sisters, alike.

I've never had much luck with styling my own hair, thus being stuck with what can be considered the Typical Generic Asian Geek Hairstyle. You know the one: short, minimum of maintenance, ubiquitous to the point of factory spec.

Besides, my hair is pretty coarse and rough, unlike the fluffy-thin variety just about every other person I've met seems to have. I'm not sure why this is so. Apparently it blunts scissors with great efficiency, to the despair of the hairstylists I go to, especially since it grows at a prodigious rate.

I have attempted to trim my hair myself before, but knowing the perils of doing so, I've always been careful not fall into the trap of "just a little more". Knowing the conventions of comedy, I was able to see the gag about Yui's botched job the moment the props were laid out, and could only wince in sympathetic embarrassment when the inevitable occured.

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I started watching K-On because it had cute girls.

I continued watching K-On because it continued to have cute girls. I've watched the characters in their first days of high school. I've learned their quirks and foibles. I've laughed at them, laughed with them, shared in their secret moments, enjoyed their company.

I've followed them as they grew older, and grew closer to each other. I've listened to their music, listened to their words, and listened to what they said without words or music.

I've watched their last school festival concert, together as the Light Music Club.

I admit it, I teared up at that scene.

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Occult Club girls.

Why is it high school Occult Clubs in anime seem to be encyclopedic sources of just about every conspiracy theory and inexplicable phenomenon ever? I understand that since the show is usually not about the Occult Club in general, they have to look for the more common and popular theories to explain to the audience that yes, these people are Weird.

Still, the mish-mash of nutty supernatural matters that come together into one Grand Unified Theory of Occultism makes me kind of wish we had such clubs when I was in school. Whether or not I believe in what they claim, at the least I can treat it as some sort of narrative which I can then enjoy as a work of fiction. It's my fanficcer soul speaking.

I kind of hope we'll be able to see more of these two somewhere. Doujin works, if nothing else, and I can see in my mind's eye the artists frantically scribbling on their tablets even now.

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Ichigo and Mika.

Yes, I'm sure everyone's made that reference already.

I'm always appreciative of shows set in school, or any other setting with a sizeable number of background characters, which has the main characters interact with them. There's the sense that the main characters are living in an actual world, rather than a stage with cardboard cutouts for background scenery.

The classmates in K-On are particularly captivating, especially in the opening animation, where they bounce around while watching the light music club in concert. Seeing cute anime girls happy and enjoying themselves so much is something I can do all day.

On another completely unrelated note, due to the story taking place in more or less the same time period, if separated by a century or so, I find myself unable to read through Romeo and Juliet without imagining, somewhere in the background, a tall man with a white hood and several highly improbable blades somewhere on his person, just watching these star-crossed lovers and the wacky tragedies happening around them like some sort of eagle, or maybe a hired killer. Following, perhaps, a creed.

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Ui is enthusiastic.

I'm sure there's fanart of that out there somewhere.

One of the reasons I don't consider myself a good poet or lyricist is because I automatically default to irreverence and low humour. Making things rhyme is about the best I can do, and trying to put anything poetically invariably makes me feel self-conscious and embarrassed, which then results in trying to find the best rhyme for "pants" or something.

Ui is all kinds of adorable, though. I wonder why she doesn't join the Light Music Club, especially since she's even more awesome at guitar than her sister… actually, I think I answered my own question.

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Mugi practices.

The answer to all of life's problems.

I don't know why I love watching character vignettes so much; it is just a Thing which tickles the part of my hindbrain which thrives on relaxation. I admit I'd have preferred more Mugi, but we take what we get.

Azusa has grown into her Straight Man role far more than Mio did, possibly because Mio's thought processes are predictably easy to derail. I suppose that's why she gets to be the viewpoint character here, while Mio shares her screentime with Ritsu, like some kind of linked unit.

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