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Ika Musume strikes a cool pose.

Possibly as a follow-up from the previous post, a common tendency for those characters not usually seen as the brightest bioluminescent organisms in the ocean is to have them be some kind of unexpected genius in some field.

I think it's part of the explanation given occasionally on the difference between the Intelligence and the Wisdom stats: here, Ika Musume displays high Intelligence, but her usual behaviour and lack of insight means low Wisdom.

Considering how quickly she's said to learn various abilities like speaking the language of those around her, and utilizing their technology (albeit to play video games), this obviously gives her a great many skill points too.

… I miss my gaming group.

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Don't try this at home.

There's something about this series which fails to catch on for me, and yet I keep watching, because I have the nagging suspicion that it is entirely my fault.

I'm probably comparing it unfairly to Keroro Gunsou, which is hilarious and heartwarming and does the whole Strange Animals From Somewhere Else Invading Earth Incompetently thing quite well. Keroro alone would turn annoying very quickly, but the anime wastes no time in introducing plenty of other characters to share the spotlight with. It probably doesn't hurt that the artstyle is cute (which, to be fair, Ika Musume also does well) and Chiwa Saitou has a major role.

And Keroro Gunsou doesn't just deal with slapstick comedy, but also the little things: friendship, nostalgia, the simple joys of life. All seen through the viewpoint of literal aliens, letting us experience the things we take for granted through eyes that have never seen it before.

Ika Musume feels like… something missing, I suppose. It dials the comedy up, but I keep expecting an incredibly biased narrator to start pointing out the obvious or crack some deliberately lame joke or something. Having the titular character mess up her invasion plans yet again is amusing for the first few times, but after that I get antsy: why am I not being amused? Or rather, why am I not being sufficiently amused, when it seems to share several traits with Keroro Gunsou? I am missing something; I should watch further to see what this is.

I want to say that Ika Musume might get better if the cast expands, but I'm not sure if this is what it wants to do. Maybe it's going in a completely different direction that my unfair comparisons are leading me away from.

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