Merchandise found at STGCC.

As anyone who might be following the Animenauts Twitter feed will definitely be aware of by now, considering how much I spam that feed, I just came back from the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention.

Most of the day was spent at the NUS talks held at the second-floor conference room, where papers on various aspects of anime were presented.

Upside, there's plenty of food for thought, particularly in the realm of fandom motivations. Downside, I have no idea how I can turn these hastily-taken notes into something resembling a coherent post.

3 Responses to “Padding In Various Ways”
  1. AkuT says:

    Looking forward to your post! d( ゜ω゜)b

  2. Chris says:

    I wonder how many people passing through the aisle will "glance" at that rack (pun not intended but fully recognised) before recoiling in "surprise" and "bemusement", not quite willing to admit that they are the target market.

  3. BlackHanyouMiko says:

    I just so happen to have one of those mouse pads. They're realli good. quite comfy