There are few things as draining to my enthusiasm for watching anime as reading what other people have to say about it. It's like being… no, it is exactly being the one moe fan in a world of anti-moe.

Sometimes, in my darker moods, I have to wonder if I'm the only person who still enjoys watching anime instead of complaining about it nigh-constantly. If it's Not To My Tastes, then so it goes; not everything is to my tastes. I don't complain about the immense popularity of mecha anime or shounen fighting anime, after all.

But hearing myself and my tastes insulted by generalities has gotten old a long time ago. I'm tired, so very tired, of having to defend myself. Which I inevitably have to do any time I express interest and enthusiasm over an anime which has been popularly derided as "moe-blob" or whatever the derogatory term du jour may be, because I still believe that the point of a discussion forum is discussion, and it would defeat the purpose for me to fail to carry on the discussion.

So more often than not, I simply avoid joining in. And soon, this leads to not being able to participate in any discussion about anime. Which leads in turn to not participating in the anime fandom in general, and soon I'm operating in what may be charitably termed a vacuum caused by my own inability to hew to the popular line.

This rant was brought to you by my attempt, now discouraged by negative reinforcement, to find out about the upcoming season of anime. So far Puella Magi Madoka Magica was about the least-reviled among the shows revealed so far, and I'm looking forward to it myself (assuming Shinbo-SHAFT doesn't go Pani Poni Dash on what I hope to be a straightforward Magical Girl story), but I have to question those who claim not to care about something, and then spend paragraphs of vitriol on how much they do not care.

11 Responses to “Separated From The Fandom”
  1. Sergio says:

    You're not alone, actually. The anime community has been getting more and more negative (was it always that negative?), and this is something I have often complained about. People seem to write more, and focus more, on what they don't like, than on what they enjoy. And that's the end of any hobby, of anything remotely positive. If all you care about is what you dislike or hate, then it's all over.

    And it's become so fashionable, and so, how to say, normal to insult moe. I mean, ANN allows their writers to say things like "the show is for sexually immature otaku men-children", and it's alright, apparently, to do so. There's a kind of elitism floating around, with moe usually being their target.

    As for Madoka, I'm also looking forward to it

  2. Chikorita157 says:

    I have been angry at people who are anti-moe in this blogosphere. They are a minority since most bloggers don't really care. However, one of the commenters have bullied me over what I watched that it drove me to the edge. I IP banned him since enough is enough. Shortly after, I wrote a post defending moe anime and also Yumeka shortly after (feel free to read them… The opinions are about the same.). My opinions about the elitism and other things is in that editorial…

    End of the day, it's better just to ignore those haters. It's something that one shouldn't get worked up for. Sure their opinions are nasty, but reacting to it isn't good.

  3. GreyDuck says:

    Yeah… I think I'm going to be culling a lot of anime bloggers from my feed reader, because it seems like all some of them can do is bitch and moan about every single show they watch. I mean, if you're hating it all that much, why are you writing about it?

  4. Niku says:

    I think, like anything else, the loudest and most outspoken ones get the attention, and that makes it seem as if there is a lot more dissatisfaction when the reality is just a handful of extra loud people are stirring things up. I personally try to go out of my way to remain objective.

  5. Panther says:

    Or you can be like me – just read the ones you really feel like following, comment on them if you feel like it and if you think they will actually give constructive replies back.

    That said I dislike moe, but not to the point of hating it. The anime industry just serves what sells, and moe is just what sells in Japan.

  6. Yumeka says:

    Coincidentally, I just recently wrote two posts on my blog dealing with this exact issue – one post defending moe, and another post defending the concept of "generic" anime. I urge you to take a look if you're interested. I hope it makes you feel better that I too am tired of those who put on the appearances of being a "fan" when all they do is nitpick and think nothing of crushing other people's fandoms.

  7. Leo says:

    A straightforward Mahou Shoujo, from Shaft?? You'd better put your hopes down. Unless things like Moetan can be put under this category as well.

    About the moe hate, I think it's inevitable to come across people who are going to criticize your tastes, be it moe anime, mecha anime, Russian literature, lemonades, or you-name-what. Besides, the haters usually are the most vocal, so I just try to put up with it.

  8. DKellis says:

    I'm not expecting everything to be completely by the numbers from SHAFT, but I'd rather not it degenerate into utter parody and meta-references. SHAFT can certainly do both story (Moon Phase minus the last episode) and cute (Hidamari Sketch), and since Ume Aoki is involved as well, I'm hoping for something sane.

    The problem I face isn't simply having to avoid other blogs, since the insults happen offhand in forum posts where I would otherwise have participated in the Anime Discussion. It's the kind of unthinking dismissal of a certain subgroup as Inferior, to become the Designated Target.

    So I have to avoid those discussions, which prevents me from talking about anime at all on that forum, since most forums have designated areas for a given topic, and starting another enclave is frowned upon.

  9. mkmcartor says:

    The negativity in anime circles is why I stopped engaging at all. My time spent at ANN dropped from hours every day to minutes, to skim the headlines and read Anime News Nina. You and a couple other positive-attitude bloggers are all I follow now. So… thanks! ^_^

  10. TheBigN says:

    It's the kind of unthinking dismissal of a certain subgroup as Inferior, to become the Designated Target.

    This so hard. When people complain about moe shows, it comes off less as legitimate, and more as piling on for the sake of piling on to rail about some random injustice since they can't rail on what they worry about. And on diverting blame to some "other" in order to justify their standing, and afraid of being judged about what they like for fear of not having it anymore ("I'm not like them. They're the ones who are ruining anime."). So when they pull their punches, it falls flat to me, and just makes me want to punch back at them harder.

  11. Baughn says:



    You poor human…