Lightning and Serah.

My entertainment options for the past week or so has been hijacked by my first foray into the present generation of consoles, which explains my general lack of updates or even noticing what has come to pass in the world of anime.

I got the Playstation 3 essentially for two games: Final Fantasy XIII and inFamous. With the discovery of Recettear and its subsequent devouring of my life, I added on Atelier Rorona onto the pile, and topped the list off with Bayonetta and Valkyria Chronicles. I am appalled at the amount of willpower it took me to pry myself away from my new toy.

This thing is dangerous to my productivity.

So far I've been enjoying Final Fantasy XIII. It simplifies the systems of the previous FFs, and distills it to its core essence. And while I miss the familiar tunes and themes from the earlier games, I can find no fault with the ones here. (Of course, I have the version with the Japanese voices and the English subtitles, which may be a factor.)

It even has an in-game encyclopedia/codex, with the Datalog. I'd prefer a lot more background info on the setting, but what's already there is fascinating enough.

Unfortunately, it also continues the trend of the Final Fantasy games of the recent years in being really, really depressing. I find myself gravitating to Vanille entirely because she isn't caught in the throes of despair… okay, let me rephrase that. Vanille doesn't act like she is caught in the throes of despair. I know the characters have had really bad things happen to them, but honestly it's a little difficult to handle such GRIMDARK all the time.

And Vanille looks like she has some Deep Dark Secrets of her own. I actually like the Yuffie-Selphie-Rikku type characters, which I keep feeling puts me in the tiny minority of the subset of the fandom who discusses these things on forums.

As in anime, I like the actual material, but the fandom seems to hate me. So it goes.

4 Responses to “Inclement Weather”
  1. Leo says:

    I've bought FFXIII recently as well, and I'm loving it. I'm on chapter 9 now, and I don't think the story is so dark, but it's very action oriented, it doesn't give you time to catch a breath.

    Yeah, I like Vanille as well. So far, I think it's the best cast of any Final Fantasy.

  2. Stripey says:

    I share both your pain and pleasure! :) Have acquired the PS3 last xmas and my productivity has not returned to pre-2010 levels since. Since so many of our games intersect, here's sharing my thoughts.

    1. FFXIII. I dropped it pretty early since I thought the gameplay was quite..bland. :P Maybe I didn't play long enough (Only up to chapter 3). Absolutely love Vanille but didn't like the rest of the cast. I'm a Rikku fan too! :)

    2. Atelier Rorona is an interesting break from the typical RPGs. Love the artwork though the rendering of the in-game characters could be improved. I understand Atelier Totori have superior visuals :)

    3. Loving Valkryia Chronicles too. Innovative gameplay with intriguing story and endearing cast. :) It actually got me started on ep 1 of the anime but I didn't progress fast there. XD

    I recommend Star Ocean 4 for good old rpg fun (tri-ace/square enix). Saionji Reimi is a Shirakawa Kotori-classed bishoujo. :)

  3. Wonderduck says:

    Please, for the love of all that's good and right in this world, where did you get that picture?

  4. DKellis says:

    @Stripey: I've found that the weird thing about FF13 is that it assumes the player is completely new to how the gameplay works, and so it very slowly tries to explain and demonstrate the various bits of the quite complex game mechanics. I'm at chapter 7 and some parts are still locked off to me (can't choose the party leader, for instance).

    I get the feeling the game doesn't really trust me to make the right decisions. I don't really mind as such, since I can just leave the thinking to the game.

    Checking a walkthrough, chapter 3 seems to be the part where the game lets you get used to the Paradigm system. I think chapter 4 onwards is where Staggering becomes much more important.

    I still haven't finished Star Ocean 2: Second Evolution on the PSP, and I've barely touched Star Ocean 3: Till The End Of Time on the PS2. Not sure if I should pick up Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope due to that. I am tempted, though.

    @Wonderduck: Safebooru link.