Title Drop.

I've become pretty much hooked on the Recettear demo. Not the actual game itself, but the demo. When the full game is released in English I may have to barricade myself in my room.

The game just hits so many of the right buttons for me (pun unintended). The music, the translation, the light happy mood, the underlying story… everything. It's amazing.

Louie cheering.

Gameplay-wise, I've said it's fun, and that's more or less what I can say without repeating myself. The dungeon-running is a welcome change of pace from the shopkeeping, and vice versa; time management becomes meta time management, of trying to decide how long I want to spend doing one thing or another as a player before my concentration erodes.


The characters do really make the game for me. Recette is a familiar archetype, of the happy-go-lucky genki girl, with perhaps less common sense than might really be appropriate for a little girl (I'm guessing ten years old) living on her own. But it's okay, because the game is bright and happy and cheery, despite the relentlessly unforgiving gameplay…

… and then you get the game over screen with Recette reduced to living in a cardboard box, and it hits you right there. I can't even bring myself to game over now. Best to take advantage of the magic of save-and-load to make Recette have, in this go-round, a better chance at a better life.

Recette on sunsets.

I know the plotline as described by the story blurb in the game manual is nothing new. I know that it's another variation on the typical Power Of Friendship idea, and not an uncommon variation at that.

But it still speaks to something deep inside, the image of the little girl living alone, one day at a time, and trying not to think about her loneliness…

…. the fairy, a second-class citizen in the world of humans, doing her job by rote, not daring to care about those she met…

… the two of them meeting, hesitantly, and slowly changing each other.


Also, Tear makes for an awesome tsukkomi.

7 Responses to “Owe Money Pay Money”
  1. Clayton Barnett says:

    I've been fond of the demo for many of the reasons you've listed… but I've also been frustrated to even make the first effing payment on Day 8. I've come close with a non-adventuring approach (9735 pix), but it seems to be that delving must be undertaken to win. And that's where my problem is: as a middle-aged, semi-professional drunk, I've just not the reflexes to survive on adventure; Hell, I've yet to make it past level 3 in the "training dungeon." However, at that level three I was carrying an astonishing amount of swag; if I could live long enough to get through and back to the surface, then I could clear Recette's debts for weeks to come. Buying the full release when it came out was two weeks ago a done-deal; now… I'm not so sure.

  2. linger says:

    @Clayon Barnett: I succeed without any dungeon crawling every single time. You just have to have good business sense, I guess. I got to the point where I was making $2,000 in profit every single "quarter-long" sales session.

    Brb, I'm gonna go purposely get the "Game Over" screen.

  3. Balorn says:

    @Clayon Barnett: The key for making the first payment without entering the dungeon (which I didn't even know was implemented in the demo until I tried it my second playthrough) seems to be to focus on the higher-priced items whenever possible: quality over quantity. When bartering, start at about 30% over base, then reduce to between 25% over base to 5% over base depending on the customer (higher price for the young man, very low for the little girl).

    …Is it September 10th yet?

  4. Nanao-kun says:

    With a bit of dungeon diving, it's easy to make about 24000 or more by day eight. Also, loving this game.

  5. Clayton Barnett says:

    OK, completed the demo with ~16k pix. Thanks for the advice, y'all! Bartering I can do, but knowing to stick to big-ticket items was in fact the key. Good closing cut-scene… a rival appears!

    Again, thanks to everyone.

  6. Wonderduck says:

    Okay, I give up… just where can one get this demo?

  7. DKellis says:

    @Wonderduck: You can grab the demo from the localization team's website.

    The Story Thus Far bit in the game manual reminds me of the sort of safe, familiar comfort anime plotline I love, so there's that going for it.