I hope she's well-grounded.

In Real Life news, I've gotten myself an Android phone, specifically a Samsung Galaxy S, and I am infatuated with it. It has already had tangible impact on my productivity: not only am I able to work on stuff while waiting for the bus or whatnot, I find myself procrastinating even that to refresh Twitter on Seesmic like some sort of Pavlovian experiment.

It's probably not all that fitting that I'm using a Nanami Madobe wallpaper for my phone, since it's not exactly a Microsoft product, but Nanami is cute, and that's all that matters.

I love the march of technology, for it lets me look at cute anime girls wherever I go. There can be no greater benefit.

4 Responses to “Picture Post – Nanami Madobe”
  1. Kame says:


    Since I have both the Droid X and iPhone 4, I`m leaning more toward the iPhone 4. Not because I check my Facebook ever 10 seconds to check up on my cows in Farmville, but the convenient in it's GUI.

    I love the camera as well, it's god like. The speed can't be compared with Droid X, due to how it loads almost everthing in iPhone 4 by 5 seconds faster than Droid.

    But that's just my cup of tea. Not like I love Apple or anything, it's just the iPhone has really improved the years it was first published. (Though fucking apple had to mess up on their epic-fail build structure to make my signal goes to zer0es).

  2. Ben says:

    I went the opposite direction. Had an iPhone 3G for two years, tried the 4 and didn't like it, bought a Samsung Captivate this weekend. Love it. Much faster than 3G, although about the same as the iPhone 4 I tried.

  3. DKellis says:

    Generally I'm wary about Apple products ever since iTunes tried to take over my (Windows) computer, just because I wanted Quicktime support. I hear they stopped doing it now, but bad impressions and all that.

    (Also iTunes is pretty worthless to me, since I'm not in the US.)

    About the iPhone 4, the bad press about reception woes was enough to make me look for something else. And for smartphones, the real deal-makers and deal-breakers are the package plans with the service providers. Singtel doesn't actually give me all that much choice.

  4. Ben says:

    The biggest surprise since I got my new phone is that I could never get a 3G connection in the rural area where I live with the iPhone. AT&T doesn't offer 3G specifically in my area, so I wasn't surprised. With the Captivate I can get 3G about half the time. Maybe just because it's a newer phone, but it does bring to mind all of those stories about the iPhone having worse reception.

    I've never liked iTunes, but I learned to work with it. Samsung's Kies program is much, much worse. Thankfully, it's also completely unnecessary since I have direct access to all of my files with the Captivate.