It's Saturday night, and my Internet is down. I don't think there's any way I can make the post schedule in time. To make things less complicated, I'll backdate this.

So it goes.

In any case, it's not like I have very much to post about; I appear to have reached a saturation point of some sort.

This isn't any sort of anime burnout, or even of blogging burnout. This is more or less some sort of commentary on how my time and energy is allocated among my interests, varied as they are. I've noticed how I seem to have a finite amount of enthusiasm for projects in general, and this must be carefully rationed out. If I become involved in something new, I become very involved in it, to the point of obsession… but something else must give.

I unplugged my PS2 sometime around the end of last year, mainly to clean up the place for the new year without worrying about tripping over wires or whatnot. I haven't plugged it back in yet; there just hasn't been a large enough chunk of uninterrupted time in my schedule to devote to playing any of the games. Put together, I have lots of free time, but I can't even use them, since they're broken up into tiny bitlets.

It is this sort of administrivia that irks me so about Real Life. When something that should take only a short amount of time has to include the downtime of staring blankly at nothing in particular when stuck in traffic, I begin to wonder why matter teleportation has not made greater strides.

And so I've watched maybe one or two episodes of a great many anime, before relegating them to the backlog. Do I want to continue watching anime and being an anime fan? Certainly. Do I want to continue blogging about anime? Indeed. My interest has not diminished in the least.

Do I actually have the time to watch anime and from there obtain the necessary seeds of inspiration for blogging? That, unfortunately is a mystery.

I'm going to sleep now. Hopefully tomorrow my Internet will be back, and I'll be able to post this.

One Response to “Another Backlog Lament”
  1. Kolin says:

    Good luck.