Mashiko-sensei enters the room.

One day I will be caught up on Hoshimittsu. Unfortunately, today is not that day.

It was strangely fascinating to watch the girls of Hidamari Apartments talk about whether or not they're popular with boys. Being in an all-boys school makes for a fairly stunted set of social skills when it comes to talking to girls, even ten years after the fact. Actually, being one of the nerd crowd in an all-boys school makes for a fairly stunted set of social skills period, so that's no help at all.

I understand, in a sort of Stating The Obvious way, that this is entertainment, and the way the talk went with Nazuna about other girls getting jealous of her through no real fault of her own may not be entirely accurate to life. The truth is likely to be far more prosaic, banal, and boring.

And yet, because it is entertainment, it is, by definition (or it should be, anyway), entertaining. It's a glimpse into the other side, another world of soft colours and quiet reminiscences and being able to talk about these sorts of things without being criticized for not being Manly enough.

Of course, since I've never had anything remotely close to a girlfriend myself, this is even more worthy of study. Relationships are a mysterious thing indeed.

Also, I like how Mashiko-sensei (the male teacher) just walks into the art prep room, with nary a second glance at the walls covered with posters of Yoshinoya-sensei in various cosplay outfits. Clearly the man is used to this.

He is to be saluted.

One Response to “Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu 06 – Girl Talk”
  1. Maybe he needs new glasses.

    What he needs is a new haircut! YAOZAHS!!!

    I feel you *hint hint* on the talking-to-girls part, even though I've never been to an all-boys school. My hormones were sooooo out of control that I'd probably turn gay if I went to an all-boys school, but you didn't need to know that…

    Anyways, I thought the girl-talk was cute, and as you say, it's good entertainment!