Hinako, asleep.

I've not watched Sleeping With Hinako as such, although I've glanced at a few bits of it, just to see what it's about. I think it's supposed to be some sort of aid to sleeping? Or something. Watching Hinako sleeping might help cure insomnia, or some such. I don't know.

I have watched Training With Hinako, which is rather more obvious in purpose: Hinako exhorts the viewer to get off their computer chair and join in some exercises with her. It's an exercise video, made sweeter with anime style and the sort of camera angles that make moral guardians keel over in apoplexy, which I suppose defeats the purpose of being healthy.

Those who know me in Real Life also know that I'm… well, unfit. Unfit enough to have to go to the Remedial Training the Singapore Army thoughtfully provides, which does explain why I'm usually too tired to blog about anything of substance. (And my muscles ache.) And yet I've been wondering: if I used Training With Hinako as an actual exercise video, ignoring the whole ecchi angles thing (upskirt and down-cleavage), would this be seen as appropriate?

I'm not even considering how effective it is; when one leads a sedentary lifestyle, any exercise is usually good (assuming proper warmup and stretching, so you don't hurt yourself). But the idea of doing push-ups while the view on the screen is down Hinako's shirt makes it seem a little like I'm missing the point.

I wonder if falling asleep to Sleeping With Hinako falls along the same point-missing lines.

2 Responses to “Blogging With Hinako”
  1. DOA says:

    Who cares what others think? If it helps you to help yourself, do whatever it takes. If you're embarassed, then do so in private, but finding a source of self-motivation for positive activities can be a precious thing indeed when you lack motivation otherwise.

    Personally, I find watching action AMVs can get me pumped for doing exercise, along with rock and heavy metal music, which is a tad more mainstream. I utilise these to full advantage and I've benefitted from that.

    Good luck.

  2. Sorrow-kun says:

    But the idea of doing push-ups while the view on the screen is down Hinako's shirt makes it seem a little like I'm missing the point.

    And this is different to regular exercise videos because…?

    I thought Hinako was discredited as an exercise video because it endorses sit ups which can apparently cause some pretty major back problems unless you do it in certain ways (ie, not how it's done on the video). But squats and push-ups, nothing wrong with those (arguably Hinako is doing a service, because squats are apparently super effective, but not really widely known or done in the West). If a scantily dressed moe girl is what it takes to get you to work out, well, you know what Nike says about that… Just do it.