Sketch Switch, creditless version.

Since my fellow AnimeNauts co-blogger (who is, I admit, making the vast majority of the posts there, because he is some sort of blog-posting machine) was ordering stuff from Amazon (if you're wondering: the Blu-rays of Ghost In The Shell 2.0 and The Sky Crawlers, among other things; on a completely unrelated note, he does not own a Blu-ray player yet), I piggybacked Hidamari Sketch season 1, licenced by… Sentai Filmworks, it says on the case, and distributed by Section23 Films. Never heard of them, to be honest.

See, I do buy anime I like.

The DVD came in a case the same size and shape as a single DVD, except this time containing two DVDs, with all twelve episodes and two specials. Extra features are the usual DVD credits which I assume nobody watches, the clean opening and ending animations, various Also Available From The Same Distributors, and a downright bizarre ad for The Anime Network, which I will leave to people actually inside the US to bother testing out. Curse you, region-locks.

Subs-only (using the same yellow font that's been on every R1 anime DVD I've watched recently; seriously, is it a standard or something?), and the picture quality looks a little… low. I'm not sure how much of it is due to the originals, and how much is due to having to fit fourteen episodes onto two DVDs.

Well, at least it's widescreen.

2 Responses to “Hidamari Sketch – Possibly Budget DVD Version”
  1. Necromancer says:

    Section23 are apparently what became of ADV after they collapsed. They'll be releasing Hidamari Sketch x365 in April along with Gintama boxset 1 which I'm really looking forward to owning!

  2. Wonderduck says:

    According to Avatar (, as a matter of fact, yellow lettering is a standard. As he's a freelance subtitler (once for ADV, more recently for Funimation), I'd assume he knows of what he speaks.