Nori and Nazuna eyecatch.

Same Hidamari Sketch, same lack of anything substantial to say, same hanyaa~n.

Well, more hanyaa~n this time, because we get new characters. Nazuna and Nori, whom we've seen in cameo at the end of the bonus episode of Hidamari Sketch x365, make… somewhat fuller appearances here, with actual voiced lines, although we don't actually see them doing much other than quick one-off Endearing Character Traits. Hopefully we'll see a lot more of them in the coming episodes, although with the non-chronological order of the episodes (and episode halves, ever since x365), this may not be the case for the rest of the season.


I think a large part of why I enjoy HidaSketch so much is the way the abstractions can evoke the implications of whatever they're trying to denote: for example, we are shown a picture of the mailboxes in front of the Hidamari rooms. Rooms 101, 201, 102, and 202 are in red, signifying the residents we're familiar with from the previous seasons; rooms 103 and 203 are in pink, for the new residents. Different, and yet close. Something we can see and understand in a glance, rather than a dry explanation or description.

Each character (well, Hidamari resident, anyway, rather than the others like Yoshinoya-sensei) has their own symbol. Most of us should be familiar with the four from the previous seasons: Yuno's X-mark, from her nigh-trademark hairclips. Miyako has a cat's pawprint, from the time she tanned on the roof with a bunch of cats. Sae has her glasses. Hiro has her octopus-like hair-buns. And now, we have a computer mouse (albeit an odd-looking one) and what looks like a joke set of glasses a twin-bead hair accessory; Nori and Nazuna, presumably, and I look forward to finding out why.

I also admit to looking forward to see what further symbolisms can be obtained from future seasons of Hidamari Sketch, and how they will be translated back to ASCII for ease of reference and typing.

2 Responses to “Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu 01 – STAR STAR STAR”
  1. SZ says:

    Isn't Nazuna's symbol supposed to be the large twin bead hair accessory she wears?

  2. DKellis says:

    That's possibly it. Clearly I fail at abstractions.