Natsuru faces the consequences of her actions.

One week behind, but catching up. I actually did giggle (creepily, as any guy like me would giggle) at the various discussions on how many points or flags triggered each of the Kampfers have with Natsuru. Does it say something about me that I was far, far more interested in the Love Comedy Wacky Hijinks than in all the drama about Kaede trying to make Natsuru her mind-puppet?

Of course, from the books I've read before, which are not precisely high-brow, this is basically what every woman in the world is capable of doing, as a sort of default feminine skill. Most of these books are written by men, although supposedly with their wives or some other female acquaintances giving input. There is the implication that True Love can turn guys into mind-puppets, willing to go through any lengths to fulfil any request, in expectation of… well, not exactly sex, but more affection. I know it's meant for humour, but this is Love Comedy.

And with a blog name like "Moe Check", it's not as though I have any moral ground to stand on.

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