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I don't usually post stuff like this, if only because Youtube videos tend to be ephemeral, while blog posts get archived. But I figured this was all kinds of awesome, so. All credit for finding it goes to Sorrow-kun's Twitter.

In case the video gets taken down and future generations want to know what it was, it's a Vocaloid video by one "Cocoacigarette-P", who arranged various themes from Clannad (among others in other videos, but Clannad's the one linked here), and then drew the comics that accompanied the videos himself.

I've mentioned before that I'm not a huge fan of Clannad (I don't dislike it as such; it's just too depressing), but I am a fan of… I want to say "jazz", but I readily admit that I don't have the musical background to truly grok jazz. I just like the technical proficiency displayed, and how it all blends together perfectly.

And I love how Kaito (the guy on the drums) brings the comedy.

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Potentially spoilery.

One of the goods I got from AFA was Persona 3 Portable. In Japanese. I'm basing my playthrough on my knowledge of the original (well, the FES version), as well as about fifteen years of watching anime. It doesn't matter if I can't understand all of it, but just that I can understand enough.

This is still a surprising amount. Or at least surprising to me, despite the pitiful percentage it likely is overall. It helps that I know roughly what the plot is, so I'm not completely lost.

I'm still in the middle of it, so I can't really comment on the game as a whole, but wow the female main character is cute. For some reason, female characters seem cuter in my eyes if they're the ones I play as. I've expressed this sentiment before, but it bears repeating, possibly because if there were more cute female leads in games, they might get more fans like me.

And yes, I realize how chauvinistic it seems. I can't help it; if it matters, I think the cute female lead would be even cuter if they turned out to be as badass as the female route version of the main character in Persona 3 Portable is.

There are several gameplay changes and improvements, enough to almost make it a new game. (As it is, the changes make it about half of a new game.) The ability to control your party members directly in battle should be a good incentive to get this game.

Being the fanfiction writer that I am, I find myself imagining that every time the female main character sees that door at the end of the second-floor hallway in the dorm, she wonders about the strange feeling she feels in her heart. It is a feeling of the faintest of regrets, of loss, and the memory that never was, of what might have been.

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