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I had a long post planned out, but circumstances and the demons of technology have conspired against my posting it. Therefore, this report shall have to do.

What is not shown there are the myriad photos of us wandering around the festival, before it is a festival. We have witnessed a sort of prepatory state. (Also not shown: the buffet lunch we may or may not have intruded on. And the bit where, by pained expressions of abject embarrassment and lots of bowing apologetically, I managed to convey the idea of These Noodles Are Good to Mr. Mamoru Hosoda, director for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars.)

Pictures are appended without commentary or editing. There shall be no commentary this time; not if I want to remain in any sort of useful shape for tomorrow.

Every picture inside was taken by Kindaichi17, co-blogger for AnimeNauts. Every one of these seventy photos.

Now you know.

Kindaichi17's commentary: "The Maid Cafe, without the maids."

Matafleur's commentary: "This is what happens when you outsource your Maid Cafe."

No, I don't know either.

3 Responses to “Imagedump: Anime Pre-Festival Asia 2009”
  1. Ritz says:

    I'm digging your left hand. :)

  2. KunojiLym says:

    Only 70 photos? Wimp.