Apparently tomorrow is Anime Festival Asia 2009. I do not blame you if you do not navigate a great portion of the site, since, coding aside, the thing is not particularly user-friendly. It's a very busy site, full of flashing and pulsating signs; the sort of site one tends to feel inexplicably sullied after visiting, and making sure that one's anti-virus is up to date.

My curious lack of enthusiasm can be traced back to my previous posts on the 2008 version, where I rail in my typical passive-aggressive and inevitably futile way against conventions made For Fans, By Companies, which end up turning into a merchandise display, without anything for the fans to do other than Buy Stuff. This may have been intentional.

Nevertheless, I will still be attending AFA09, this time with something resembling a media pass, except for that murkily ill-defined area of "online journalism". Since bloggers in general are not entitled to said media passes, I can only assume that more is expected of me. I may have taken a Step Up, but the added responsibility is crushing me back down.

Before you ask, no, the media pass is not for this blog. It is for another. I may crosspost, or at least cross-link the report.

And yet, to get the new site acknowledged as a legitimate "online journalism" site, the webmaster of the New Site needed site hit numbers. Which were obtained from this blog's WordPress Stats.

There may or may not be some form of irony here.

One Response to “The Line Between Hobby And Work”
  1. Balorn says:

    While I don't know if it's different where you are, where I am (Texas) any additional pressure from having a press/media pass would come from who you represent, not the convention, except perhaps more of an expectation to not be an ass ;)

    I've started getting press passes at the anime conventions I go to, though I suspect the reason I get them is not so much number of hits where I post things as it is inertia. The con staff recognizes me, they know I'm going to take pictures and video, and perhaps they know that I'm going to be able to talk my way in to set up my tripod at major events before the doors officially open anyway, so giving me a press pass just saves the trouble of a long conversation with the door guard.

    Though, I really ought to do something with the video I've shot – I'm about a year behind getting things up on YouTube, and I still haven't finished going through all my pictures from the last con I attended. Perfectionist+ADD is not a good combination for getting things done ("Maybe if I tweak the colors like this and the compression settings like that it will look bett- oh hey, a new CoH issue!").