I've not met most of these characters yet.

Lest one might be mistaken in believing that my life is naught but fun and games, I should mention that since this blog is a hobby blog, it shall therefore only focus on hobbies. Real Life stuff that are Not Fun and Not Hobbies don't get time here. (Or most of anywhere, since I'd rather not get in trouble for blogging about stuff I shouldn't.)

In any case, I picked up Devil Survivor, mainly because I heard that it was more "character-driven" than the bizarre translation of the only other non-Persona game in the Shin Megami Tensei series I've played: namely, SMT1 on a SNES emulator. I quit that due to the bad translation leading to an incomprehensible plot devoid of any reason for me to care about whatever was happening in the game. Also, the first-person perspective making everywhere look the same; Doom was never that bad.

After that, it was Persona 3 and Persona 4. I liked the latter game mostly because it was happier, although I did miss the big-city setting of the former. Considering I played the games for stuff like Operation Babe Hunt and King's Gaaaaame respectively, I may not be the core audience for these.

Thus far Devil Survivor seems to be going through the whole "we are all going to die and the world is doomed, ZETSUBOUSHITAA~" angst-panic phase. I've been having a bit of fun pairing off the main character (named, in a fit of fancy, Raidou "Light" Yagami, for no reason other than my own personal amusement) with his Childhood Friend Yuzu Tanikawa. Because despite the Doom and Gloom, I will have my romantic comedy hijinks, even if they are only in my own twisted mind.

I have to admit that Yuzu is very, er, large for the typical Childhood Friend archetype, who is supposed to be jealous of the other girls with more… tracts of land. I'm a little worried about what's going to happen to her later, since games (and indeed, stories in general, as in anime) like these love to Pull The Heartstrings by causing Great Tragedies to characers I like. It's a cheap shot, I feel; Drama should be a natural evolution of the story, not because The Writer Says So.

2 Responses to “A Devil To Survive”
  1. nekosasu says:

    I still remember how I wanted to play Persona 3/4 right after Ar Tonelico, but I never imagined the latter would captivate my attention that much… I brought the two games along to the UK, hoping I could eventually play them (on my laptop through an emulator), but the thought hasn't crossed my mind yet so far. I hoped that Devil Survivor would make me catch on to the SMT series, but 3 hours in and I'm not that thrilled. I'd still prefer playing Yakuman DS… but right now, I'm playing absolutely nothing. Trying to catch up to RL, uni, and anime first…

  2. You will probably end up hating Yuzu towards the end rather than liking her, because she's the one who suggests the "run away from everything" ending. Which happens to be one of the worst endings in the game.