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Nervous Natsuru.

Why are most of the customers in the Maid-ish Cafe female? Fushigi mystery.

Contrary to what Kaede and apparently most of the NPC cast says, I don't really think Natsuru's Special Maid Outfit is all that attractive. It's too showy, and makes her look like she's Trying Too Hard to be sexy. Well, okay, she's not really; presumably it's the fault of the class rep and her cronies.

Thanks to the opening and ending animations, the identity of this New Kampfer is no surprise. What I did find refreshing was that the Obvious Questions asked in the usual fan-speculation manner are, if not answered, then at least acknowledged: where do Kampfers come from? Why are the Messengers all from the same toyline that apparently only Kaede likes? Is Kaede involved in this somehow?

I'm not actually expecting much by way of revelations in this season. If Kampfer gets extended for another season it would be nice, but for now I'll just enjoy this guilty pleasure without guilt, of cute girls in cute costumes, despite one of them only doing it part-time.

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