It's actually quite good.

Publisher link.

The twintailed blonde girl is tsundere.

10 Responses to “What I Bought At Kinokuniya Yesterday”
  1. pp says:

    lol , is it tennis guide or physics ?

  2. Sebsmith says:

    How good is the physics?

  3. DKellis says:

    It's secondary school level (high school, I suppose the conversion would be). Basically Newton's Laws, conservation of momentum, work and energy, stuff like that. About as detailed as a textbook would be at that level, with manga scenes illustrating the concepts and then denser blocks of text and equations to further explain it.

    The physics content is about the same as what I'd find in my (Singapore) textbook (not sure how it's taught in the US). It's thinner than an actual textbook because they don't cover as much (no thermodynamics, no electromagnetism, etc).

    It's actually pretty good at explaining the concepts.

  4. Ghakimx says:

    **** YES. I thought from the cover that it was some kind of joke, but this is awesome.

    Where's the store where I can buy this at? Or should I order it online? I really want this.

  5. ETERNAL says:

    This might actually come in handy…I stopped doing physics in my last two years of high school >_<

  6. Wonderduck says:

    That might be the coolest thing I've seen today.

  7. Asrialys says:

    I have the Guide to Electricity :P

  8. Ritz says:

    Do they have the manga guide to AP Physics B?

  9. Hari says:

    Ah, I wish they sold these kind of things in the US, or at least where I lived would be better!

    Sadly, in my three years as an Otaku (I'm still young though…), I've only gathered a couple cosplay items and 36 manga. I would have much more, and would have become interested sooner, if they had sold these kind of things in my city. This looks very interesting, seeing that the cover is playful and cute, yet it covers difficult topics while still being cute. I don't have a need for something like this yet, though, because I haven't reached the "Secondary" level of school just yet.

  10. Chevy787 says:

    Haha, It'd be cool if they had an AP physics version. I might actually pick up the calculus one, since that class, unlike physics, doesn't make sense.
    At any rate, this is the way to learn.