Mikoto demonstrates her abilities.

Kuroko is not the first teleporter who gets that onomatopoeia stuck in my head. Chances are I've used this reference before, and I will use it again.

My primary familiarity with A Certain Scientific Railgun is from the manga version. Well, obviously, since the anime just started airing. Despite the title, I have the impression that this show will not exactly be a shining pinnacle of accuracy in physics.

I'm not as familiar with the original source of A Certain Magical Index, having read the first few bits of the manga until what I think could be counted as the end of the (relatively long) prologue, but my impression of the male protagonist, Touma, is that while he has a special power, it is nowhere near as powerful as pretty much everyone else in the show. Touma gets to be the main character through a combination of luck, some skilful use of his abilities, and the sheer bloody-mindedness that is available to every male shounen series protagonist.

However, in Railgun, he's Mikoto's kinda-sorta rival, in that no matter what Mikoto wants to do, he can one-up her without even breaking a sweat, largely because his Imagine Breaker power is a great deal more general-purpose than her electromagnetism.

Same character, two different viewpoints. It's not a huge revelation. I just found the plot quirks interesting.

As for the actual episode itself, this is probably one of those series I'll be following if I remember to, since a) I already know the story, and b) I know there will be some measure of faux-philosophical angsting in store.

I wonder if it says something about me that the yuri-ness of Kuroko is amusing, but not especially titillating. Is this a special case, or have I changed my tastes?

5 Responses to “A Certain Scientific Railgun 01 – Bamf”
  1. Shance says:

    I do agree that Touma's crafty. Maybe because he uses his stubborn, idealistic personality and turns his unluckiness into something that makes him badass enough to turn the tables, while exuding an amorous amount of sex appeal to various girls in the series. This, for some amnesia guy protagonist?

    I don't see the relation of the rivalry in Railgun, though. Touma has been one-upping Biribiri on both series, manga-wise, as well as on the Index anime. I see Touma's upcoming cameo as just a cameo, and nothing else.

    And lastly, for someone who has the same taste as mine, sometimes too much stimulation will make your sense of taste numb to the point of disgust. Hopefully, it moderates itself by the next few episodes.

  2. DKellis says:

    Well, the end result is usually that Touma has been annoyingly good whenever he meets Mikoto, but in Index we see from his point of view that he's often bluffing.

    In the Railgun manga, Mikoto seems to think that he is just that good, and her perception colours how Touma is presented there.

    If I remember the Railgun manga correctly, there's at least one point where Touma's abilities are pivotal to saving the day, so he'll probably get more than a cameo.

  3. Shance says:

    You mean the… oh… spoilers…

    Anyways, I don't think Touma deserves any credit. If he does, it's only for the fact that he indirectly returns the favor to the one-sided rivalry that Biribiri started, by doing exactly nothing towards it, and more towards the situation at hand. He doesn't need dictation, and works according to how he sees things fit. Now, I think that's enough credit to summarize the relation.

    Besides, that Imagine Breaker is being soooooooooooo underestimated. You wouldn't think of any worth when you look at nothing, do you?

  4. keroko says:

    "Despite the title, I have the impression that this show will not exactly be a shining pinnacle of accuracy in physics."

    That's an understatement. I mean, the very core of the show, Mikoto's Railgun, already falls apart on the physics department. But hey, if its cool enough people will buy it or suspend their disbelief to enjoy it. I agree that it's interesting to see Touma from the viewpoint of someone else. For us, he's hardly invincible, but to others he can do things nobody has ever dreamed of with that hand of his.