Rino laments.

No doubt the title will lead to more Google searches about student council improvements in general, rather than the anime.

I admit that the only reason I even know about this show, apart from seeing it pass uncommented and unmentioned in the torrential rivers of information that proceed daily through my consciousness, is due to the vocal presence of Yukari Tamura. I should mention that I am not a true fan of voice actors and actresses, in that I base my observations on nothing more than whether I like how they sound. I know nothing about their daily lives, their personalities (real or manufactured), their interests and hobbies… actually, if it comes down to it, I don't want to know. I've had the nasty experience of having a work (a webcomic, if you were wondering) "tainted" by knowledge of the elitist and cavalier attitude of its creator. It's a weird mental block on my part, but it does mean that I'd rather not know about all the inevitable celebrity scandals and such accompanying the VAs I recognize and love listening to.

Having Chiwa Saitou on the cast list is a nice bonus, of course.

Best Student Council (or its Japanese name, Gokujou Seitokai) is the sort of show one should not look at too closely. Rino's handpuppetry of Pucchan is mildly creepy, hinting as it does of some sort of unsound mental state. As the show progresses, this turns into something supernatural, which is probably worse.

And yet, if you just watch it for the comedy and the gags and the funny facial expressions, it's not a bad show. Not thoroughly outstanding, but not bad. Certainly enjoyable enough, if only for the first watch-through.

I've noticed that this sort of denial of the more uncomfortable aspects and implications in my entertainment, via the careful compartmentalization of higher mental functions, leads to less aggravation and burn-out overall. So it goes.

One Response to “Best Student Council – Sockpuppets”
  1. Irishninja says:

    You're not alone in not wanting to learn about the lives of creative folks. There are many whose works I once admired that I now rail against based on the behaviors of their creators.

    I remember hearing about Best Student Council when it was being released on DVD, but puppets kinda creep me out, so I wasn't too interested in the show. Your not-quite recommendation makes me slightly more likely to check it out, if the opportunity presents itself at no cost. ;)