Inspired by the Discworld Procrascinators.

8 Responses to “The Thief Of Time”
  1. dood says:

    So much for the non-intervention policy XD

  2. Raiga says:

    Wareware wa, onaji jikan wo eien to loop shiteiru no desu.

  3. BlackHanyouMiko says:

    lmao i loved that XD

  4. Kalium says:

    Yuki is DJ Tesseract.

  5. TheBigN says:

    Waiting for Snake to cause a Time Paradox now. :P

  6. Aanusha says:

    Yess!!!!! For the first time in ages…. A great job…. I mean, this is finally something I really do understand! But the last panel…. Shouldn't the words be spelled backwards as well?? Like so

    .emit fo noisrucer sseldne na deretne evah eW

    Har har….

  7. deltazechs says:

    lol, Itsuki in the last panel was talking like Yoda.