Meido Mugi-chan!

Mugi-chan in a maid- wait, I think I've used this joke before.

The focus of this episode is the introduction (but not yet the personality) of Azusa Nakano, the new first-year member of the light music club. This means that the band has been together for about a year after eight episodes, which is a fairly brisk episode-to-time ratio. In all this time, it appears that the band's talents appear only during live performances, since their demonstrations sound rather sloppy (like an actual high school light music club, I'd think). I believe Azusa even remarks as much later in the story, if I remember the manga correctly.

This time, we remain in the auditorium while the band plays. I half expect complaints to arise that watching a band play on stage is boring and they should have segued into a music video or something, thus proving once again that it is impossible to please everyone.

What intrigues me most about this episode is that we hear two songs (well, one song and the tail end of another just before that) which are, thus far, not yet released. It is safe to assume that another single will be forthcoming. If you're wondering, the songs listed on the piece of paper Mio gave Ritsu are, roughly translated and in order: "Fuwa Fuwa Time" (which we've heard back at the school festival episode and which we've gotten a single of), "The Rice Under the Curry" (I think), "My Love is Hotchkiss" ("HOCCHIKISU", whatever that means apparently it means "stapler"; it's the song we hear the majority of in this episode), and "Calligraphy Pen Ball(point) Pen". Of these, only "Fuwa Fuwa Time" has gotten a single; admittedly, we also have "Please Give Me Wings" ("Tsubasa wo Kudasai", if you want the Japanese) as the B-side for that, as well as "Happy! Sorry!!" and "Sweet Bitter Beauty Song" as the B-sides for the opening and ending themes respectively.

I did expect an anime about a musical club to have lots of soundtrack albums and singles released. I am impressed at the band's expanding repertoire, although I'd like to see something written by someone other than Mio. Not that I dislike Mio's lyrical sense, but I do think it would be fascinating to see what Yui or Tsumugi would come up with.

Another thing which struck me as a little (not a lot, just a little) odd was Ui's clapping during the concert. Apart from being slightly off-time, I didn't expect that sort of song to be a clapping sort, like "Fuwa Fuwa Time" was. Admittedly, I'm not sure what sort of appreciative action the audience could have done to that song; probably clapping to the beat anyway, but only on the second and fourth beats rather than 4/4 time. Singing along, maybe? It's also not really the sort of song one would wave lighters (or cellphones or whatever point source of light one might have handy) to.

I wonder which rock concert movement number that would be.

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  1. Zyl says:

    it is impossible to please everyone.

    I suppose it's even harder after having set such a high bar with the God Knows concert in Haruhi.